YouTube vs Dailymotion Vs Vimeo – Which is best to monetize video contents?


Our lives are largely affected by music and entertainment. If you are searching for websites on the Google for video uploading and viewing, 3 sites are expected to be top of the list, first one is YouTube, the second one is DailyMotion and the last one is Vimeo. There is also another platform similar to YouTube and Daily Motion that is Viddler. YouTube, DailyMotion and Vimeo’s battle include several measures which answer questions like, what are the differences between YouTube and DailyMotion and Vimeo. Which video site is better, YouTube or DailyMotion or Vimeo?  YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo are the major players that you must consider between in the field of video marketing. Though all 3 options are good, an analysis of YouTube vs Dailymotion vs Vimeo will help you pick the portal that would best suit your purposes. So, don’t worry about that because here in this video I am going to explain the comparison that will help you pick the portal that best suits your needs. Watch this video till the end. You Tube is a worldwide social site designed to watch and upload videos by creating your own channel.

YouTube vs Dailymotion Vs Vimeo – Know the differences of these video hosting platforms

YouTube vs Dailymotion Vs Vimeo
YouTube vs Dailymotion Vs Vimeo

The Headquarters of YouTube in the United States. YouTube launched on February 14, 2005. It was primarily created and designed by the workers of “PayPal“.  The Headquarters of Vimeo has held in New York City launched in December 2004; 13 years ago. On the other hand, Daily Motion is a French social site and was launched on 15 March 2005 by Orange. It allows you to watch videos for a limited duration of time.

Popular vlogging platforms are:

  1. Content:- If your content is more related to entertainment then YouTube is the platform to go for. But, Daily motion has a fair share of both but it follows the YouTube trend. But is Coming to Vimeo it is a closed community specializing in videos by artists from various genres and is considered to be a more creative platform than YouTube.


  1. Audience Size and Membership:- YouTube’s audience is large, with over 1 billion users that watch hundreds of millions of hours of content – each day! But Daily Motion is the world’s second-largest video sharing website behind YouTube, statistics claimed by both companies show that YouTube has a big advantage over Daily Motion in terms of unique site visits. Vimeo comes with 4 membership options – the Basic which is available for free, paid Plus, ($59.95/ year), Pro ($199.00 a year) and Business membership ($599.00 a year). The storage capacity and support for each group option are different. YouTube and Dailymotion, on the other hand, are totally free, and Youtube gives unlimited hosting.


  1. Video limitation:-
  • Regular users of Daily motion can upload 60 minutes videos. If your videos are less than 60 minutes in length, then you will be able to upload your video to it. The Dailymotion does not allow videos that exceed 60 minutes. But if you have videos that are over 60 minutes, then YouTube is your only option. One of the best parts about YouTube platform is that it doesn’t come with any upload limit.
  • YouTube has the higher file size top of the two at 20GB; 10 times the 2GB limit of Dailymotion. YouTube allows you very high-resolution [1080p/720p/4k] videos to be uploaded to it. On the other hand, videos uploaded to Dailymotion are limited. The maximum resolution of the video is 720p.
  • With the Basic free plan in Vimeo, you can upload 500MB/week, with Plus plan you can upload 5GB/week and with Pro plan you will be able to upload unlimited videos with a per file limit of 25 GB.


  1. 3D Screen:- YouTube is giving the best 3D screen to the users due to its availability in beta still. This experience of YouTube has made its own users rating higher day by day. But, looking into the Daily motion lacks this experience of the 3D screen. It doesn’t allow to watch videos on the 3D screen. Vimeo has also option to watch the 3d screen video play option but it is not popular as Youtube. Youtube allows uploading “Side by Side” video and it looks like a split screen. The player can then display the video in many formats. The quality of the 3D is much better than Vimeo.


  1. Copyright Content:- Daily motion tends to be more lenient in showing copyrighted content. Such as you can watch certain TV shows on DailyMotion, but you could not find on YouTube. But coming to Vimeo it allows you to Uploads with Copyright Material Automatically, Even If It’s Licensed. The Private videos for Plus/PRO users will not be scanned on Vimeo. While Vimeo had similar restrictions against copyrighted materials in place, the process had to be done by hand, and thus most people didn’t have a problem using popular music on their videos without permission. That’s all about to change very soon as Vimeo has announced Copyright Match, which will flag any and all videos found to be using copyrighted material — unlicensed or not.


  1. Visitors:- YouTube has 15.30 B visitors per month which Daily motion has only 232.50M respectively. On the other hand has Vimeo 170 Million visitors per month, which is less than 20% of the audience on YouTube.


  1. Video Uploading Issues:- Uploading a video onto YouTube sometimes triggers copyright problems as you may unintentionally use a background music without checking carefully. Even short clips of the movie or TV shows, it will also cause the whole video being deleted or suspended. On the contrary, sharing videos on Dailymotion can be the great option as the producers are more tolerant, giving much fewer claims on copyright issues. So, in this case, Daily motion is better option to upload a video. Vimeo also has the same option as like as dailymotion.


  1. Tolerance:- Both Daily motion and YouTube have policies limitation what can be uploaded on their site, Both sites use filters to filter out some of the restricted content, especially sexually explicit content. YouTube generally forbids such contents on the platform, but Daily motion allows them by setting an Age Gate. Even Vimeo also allows as like as Dailymotion.


  1. Monetization:- Another difference between YouTube and Dailymotion and Vimeo is monetization. YouTube beats Daily motion and Vimeo by leaps and bounds. YouTube shares 51% on the earnings that they get from the videos that are uploaded by the user. In this way, you can earn a lot of money if your video runs viral. This gives the user an excuse to upload videos on YouTube. Daily motion also do revenue sharing. It is unknown that how much revenue Dailymotion Shares. But Vimeo takes pride in keeping their site free from ads and you won’t see an advertisement before playing, during, or after your content. This is because they make their money on memberships and you can make more money from your videos by selling directly to your fans.


  1. Video Marketing:- Last but not least, Dailymotion has the chances of attracting more content providers and also more familiar ad policy. When YouTube has been the first option for many people who want to run video ads, Dailymotion has a special offer – the “Motion makers” program. It allows users to battle for visibility and funding on the Daily motion’s home page. Vimeo, on the other hand, reaffirmed their no advertising. They are all about paying for video hosting and premium services, and not annoying your viewers. But if you are looking to make money with your content through ads, then YouTube is your one and only best choice really.

Watch the video lecture of comparison on YouTube, Dailymotion and Vimeo

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