Some Shortcut Keys of YouTube


Today, my article is: Some Shortcut Keys of YouTube.

Today I am bringing a beautiful thing in front of you, guys. YouTube is used by all of us more or less. YouTube has some shortcut keys that will be useful to you, guys, I think. So, I am bringing some shortcut keys of YouTube.


Some shortcut Keys of YouTube  


To see the video in Full Screen Mode, please press only “F” button.


By pressing “J” button, you will view the video from 10 seconds back. 


This button is used to play or pause any video. But, so many people use the “space-bar” button to pause the video, but in this case, the page goes down.


This shortcut can be forwarded to the video 10 seconds.


You can press “M” button to mute any video.

Left Arrow and Right Arrow: 

Press the “left arrow” to go back for 5 seconds and Press the “Right Arrow” to go forward for 5 seconds.

Up and Down Arrow: 

You can increase or decrease the volume by pressing the “Up and Down Arrow”.


To see the video again from the beginning press “0” (Zero) button.

1-9 Key: 

YouTube videos are divided into 9 parts. Press the any button from 1-9 to view any part of the video. The specific part of the video will play.


By pressing this key, the video will play from the beginning. 


By pressing this key, the video will go at the end position. 


This button is used to escape from Full Screen Mode.


Thanking You, Guys!!!