Windows 10 strategies to increase the C drive space


Windows 8 and Windows 8.1 operating system are updated in to the Windows 10. For that you are facing the problem from the operating system. There is a shortage of storage in the C drive. After updating the operating system in the Windows 10, an old file remains constant in old name (Windows.old).

How to increase the space of C drive?

Windows Old Folder in C Drive

The folder (Windows.old) is occupied more than 16 GB spaces. For that the result are come out the C drive are reduced memory. So many computer user, public are don’t know how to delete the file. Whether the using of direct delete button it will work or not?

I will show how to delete the folder (Windows.old) in easiest and safety way in this tutorial.

 First, you’ve to run the “Disk Cleanup” tool. So, launch the tool, go to the start menu and click on the search button and type the “Disk Cleanup” to run the “Disk Cleanup” Program.

disk clean-up

The drive should be set. One that time the notification will come.  Then we should determine the C drive.

select drive to clean

clean-up c drive

Alternatively, right click on the “C” drive, then go to “Properties” Option and Click on “Disk Cleanup” button.

Drive properties

Disk Cleanup

cleaning up c drive

When the Disk Cleanup starts, then press the Cleanup System File button.

From that button, you’ve to tick the check box of the “Previous Windows Installation”, then click on the OK button. After few second it will remove the old Windows folder.

Alternatively, you can delete the “Windows.old” folder directly from C drive to increase the space of C drive.

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