How to download Windows 10 with IDM from Microsoft’s Website


In my previous article, I shared the Latest version of Windows 10. But, if you’ve not downloaded still now, then follow these steps to download the Windows 10 without any hassle from the official website of Microsoft, then you can download any version of Windows 10 without their download tool. You can download Windows 10 with IDM from the official website of Microsoft. Windows 10 has more than 10 different versions in several languages. So, you have to select your favourite version and the language which you want to download for free. All these are genuine software, but all these are not activated. So friends, download your favorite version of Windows 10 and install it on your PC and get ready to activate the Windows. Download Activator of Windows 10 and activates it for the lifetime.

How to download Windows 10 with IDM from the official website of Microsoft?

Don’t use “Windows Downloader Tool” for downloading the latest Windows 10. Use IDM (Internet Download Manager) to download Windows 10 directly from Microsoft’s website.


  1. Mozilla Firefox Browser
  2. User Agent Overrider Add-on/Extension
  3. Internet Download Manager, DAP, jDownloader

How to download Windows 10 ISO directly from Microsoft’s website?

Before starting the download, I recommend you for reading the FAQ (Frequently ask questions) which provided by Microsoft.

Now, follow the steps below to download Windows 10

#1 Open Mozilla Firefox browser and visit this link, for downloading User Agent Overrider Add-ons and install it.

user agent overrider

#2 Now click on the shortcut icon on User Agent Override Add-ons like below and choose “Android/Chrome 34” or “Android/FireFox 29” or “Linux/FireFox 29” from the list.

windows 10 downloader

#3 Now go to the download link of Windows 10 ISO file ( and choose the Windows version /Software edition (Windows 10).

select software edition

#4 Now, select language (English International or your favorite language).

selsect the product language

#4 Now you will see the direct download link of Windows 10 32 bit and Windows 10 64 bit. Click on your favorite version to download.

download windows 10

#5 Now will start downloading with IDM. Enjoy!

download windows 10 with idm

Problem? Watch the video tutorial.

Thank you…

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Shortcut keys of Windows 10.

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