How to Make a Woman Interested in You


Seducing women is not rocket science, although many men believe that women speak a different language and are therefore baffling most of the time, and as long as you follow a few simple rules and discover how to make a woman interested in you, you will soon have women beating a path to your door, both literally and figuratively.

There are lots of ways to pick up women. Some are simple and only require a little verbal finesse, whereas others are more about using body language than excellent oral skills—although any red-blooded woman will adore you forever if you have great oral skills!



love to talk

1>  Most women love to talk and any man who listens intently to every word they say will automatically be seen as more attractive. You don’t need to play the strong silent type all evening as that will become boring after a while, but you do need to make her believe you are fascinated by what she has to say.

strong eye contact

2> Maintain strong eye contact as this will help to make her think you are interested in her as a person as opposed to a sex object. Why is this? Well, it should be obvious really. Men who see a woman as a potential lay are more interested in her boobs and booty than her face. Consequently, they tend to spend most of their time with eyes firmly fixed on cleavage or backside and everywhere in between. Holding eye contact is much more intimate and will make the connection between you feel very intense, so in no time at all, she will be hooked.


3> Humour is a fantastic seduction aid with women. If you have the power to make a woman laugh, she will find you very attractive. However, this does depend on your sense of humour gelling with hers: if you tell a joke and it falls on stony ground, try a different approach.

body language

4> Body language is a great way to attract a woman. Women are far more receptive to body language than men, so if you know how to use body language, you are one step ahead of your love rivals in the dating game. When you spot a great looking woman across a crowded bar, catch her attention and smile before looking away. Glance back to see if she has clocked you and start a silent conversation with her: flirt a little, ignore your companions in favour of her, and basically give her your undivided attention for a while until she can’t wait for you to approach her.

Approaching a woman

5> Another great way to approach a woman in a public place without the embarrassment of risking rejection is to pass her a little note. Write something romantic such as “I’d love it if you called me” and jot your mobile number down. Walk past and smile as you drop the note on her table…and wait until she sends you a message or calls.


Direct approach

6> If you are blessed with confidence, you could try the direct approach: walk up to a woman you fancy and pretend you have met before. As long as you exude confidence and do not invite rejection, the woman is likely to be too curious to tell you to go away. And once you have a conversation going, you are half way there!

And finally, if you see a woman you like, do not be afraid to approach her for fear of rejection. Above all else, women like confident men, and they are far more likely to react favourably if you act like an alpha male, so if you want the girl, go get her, tiger!



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