Where to go for a First Date


First dates can be extremely nerve racking. You have inevitably built up a picture in your head of what this person is like. If you have been talking to them for a long time and exchanged intimate information (no, not cyber sessions), it probably feels like they are your friend. By the time you are on the brink of meeting them, your expectations are high. You want your virtual attraction to be carried through into real life.

Where to go for a First Date

Where to go on a first date:-

1> But slow down a little! The chances of any chemistry being present when you finally hook up real life are slim. The best way to approach any first date is to expect nothing. If you end up having a pleasant evening, then consider it a success. If it all goes horribly wrong, then at least you gave it your best shot.

2> First dates are best approached casually. Many people recommend going for a meal on a first date, but I think you are better off keeping it more low key than a meal in a restaurant. There are many reasons for this, not least the one that involves spaghetti, tomato sauce, and a white top.

3> The main reason in my opinion is that because you are not sure whether you will actually like the person, it is better to limit the amount of time you are obliged to spend with them initially. If everything goes well, you can go for a meal on the second date, safe in the knowledge that you will not need to climb out of the toilet window between the starter and the main course. For a first date, you are better off meeting for a drink of some description, either in the day, or at night.

4> Best first dates are often the most casual. That way you don’t feel under a huge amount of pressure and if the worst happens, you can make your excuses and leave after a coffee. One of my dates involved a drink and bar snack in the local pub during my lunch hour. This was actually one of the more successful dates I have had as neither of us had been forced to travel too far and the date was not too laden with expectations.

5> If you live a long way apart from each other, either one or both of you will be forced to travel a fair way. Unless there is an overwhelming reason why one of you is unable to travel, it is only fair to split the journey and meet in the middle. That way, if you are the one who did not travel, you do not feel under any unnecessary obligation to like the person. Always be clear that even if the person is travelling a huge distance to see you, it does not mean that you are offering a bed for the night at the end of the date. Unless of course you want to!

6> Once you have arranged when and where you are planning on meeting, have some idea in your head where you intend to go. If you are meeting in the middle of a town, go to a coffee shop during the day, or a quiet bar or pub in the evening. Use the opportunity to chat and see if the chemistry you felt online is there in real life. If you live in the middle of nowhere, pick a local village pub with a cosy fire or a beer garden.

  • One last word of advice: make sure the pub you choose is not your local, or you will inevitably find yourself the subject of village gossip!

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