What is your activity on Facebook if your friend expired?


What is your activity on Facebook if your friend or an unknown person expired? How you will add Remembering in their profile?

I presented among all of you with an important subject after a long day, because each man has to taste of death. 99% internet users of India have their Facebook accounts. After the death of your friend or unknown person, you can immortalize their Facebook profile if you want. For that Facebook authority will write in their profile Remembering. You can remove their profile if you want, but personally I think it will be better keeping ‘Remembering’ in their profile, because this is the last memory of a friend.

Let’s go to see how Remembering will add to their profile after their death?

Send Memorialization Request to Facebook

Send Memorialization Request to Facebook

If your friend adds Legacy Contact before his death, then it will be easy for it or if it is not then you have to contact with Facebook authority.

First, Go to this link to contact with Facebook

# Login with your Facebook Account. (You must login to continue)

## Then a form will come like that in below.

Memorialization Request

Who passed away? – Here select your friend’s name.

When did they pass away? – Mention here your friend’s death date.

Optional: Proof of death? – This is optional, yet if there is any news after your friend’s death then link it with Facebook.

Then send it.

Now, Facebook authority will review your application, after reviewing if they want any reference, then give them, if they want his profile link then give it them.

I hope Remembering will be added.

If it is not after that then contact here.

The form will come like below.

Special Request for Deceased Person's Account

> Your full name: Here write your full name.

> Full name of the deceased person’s account: Here write your friend’s full name.

 > Web address (URL) of the deceased person’s timeline: Here give the link of your friend’s profile.

> Account email address of the deceased person: Here give your friend’s E mail ID (Leave it if you don’t know)

> How can we help you? – Here mark “Please memorialize this account”.

> When did the person pass away? – Mention here your friend’s death date.

> To help quickly process your request, please provide a scan or photo of your loved one’s death certificate. – Here upload your friend’s document after scanning (Leave it if you don’t have).

> Additional information:  Mention here the cause of your friend’s death in English.

Now send it and request your other friends to fill that form in the same way.

Thank you to know this matter in trouble. I hope everybody will get a chance to know this tune after sharing it in various social media with Facebook. With this your friend will also help you after your death.

Biswajit Das
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