10 Problems with Facebook, which you may face


Hi, How are you? I am fine. Today, my article is: Problems with Facebook or Bad Effects of Facebook.

Problems with Facebook, which you may face


You use Facebook a lot. You spent a lot of time on Facebook. There are very good qualities of Facebook, but there are so many bad qualities in Facebook. You know the 10 things about Facebook which let you troubles.

#First: For Facebook, you get caught lying very soon. Suppose, you have told that you are reading books, but someone who is your colleague posted your group i.e. with colleagues in the office.

#Second: In Facebook, the human relation sometimes increases or in sometime decrease. Relationships are made or break. So the more people who use Facebook, according to the researchers, the tendency to commit suicide is increasing.

#Third: For Facebook, you have to face a problem in copyright. There are so many videos on Facebook which they have copyright. Suppose, you don’t know, but you share those. In fact, you called the problem yourself.

#Fourth: You have spent a lot of time on Facebook, so in Facebook the friend lists are increasing in your profile. As a result, you do not contact with your real life friends whose don’t have a Facebook account. This is another problem.

#Sixth: If you use Facebook a lot of time, then you have lost your health. Facebook is just like a drug. Online in whole night means, the less sleep, less rest and face an ill.

#Seventh: For Facebook, your own concept to others may change. Suppose, you do not use your own image and use other image. When the man has known to you in front of you, and then your image will take a big hit.

#Eight: Those who do Facebook regularly,  they have an intoxication of new games every day. All your work will be spoiled for them.

#Nine: Many people are coming to Facebook fatigue. The new relationship is created and also breaks up. So, fatigue increases.

#Tenth: Normally, the two of you continue comfortably. But Facebook is when they get caught. If you do not have a relationship!

Suppose, you give job interview. They like you. But how can you as a man? It made ​​sense that they check your profile. And having seen you that you have posted your drunken picture. As a result, you have lost your job.

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Biswajit Das
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