There are two hidden games in the Facebook messenger! Play Now!


Already you have known about it, but many people don’t know about that funny subject. You can play funny games with your friend through this Facebook messenger. How? Let’s go for learning it. Also read, 10 Wonderful Works which you can do with Facebook messenger.

Play Games on Facebook Messenger

Facebook Messenger

#1 Basket Ball!

If you want to play basketball with your friends at the time of chatting, then you can do this easily. You have to use smile of “basketball” from the smiley list of your messenger only for it. After that if you tap on smiley then basketball game will play in messenger. After you play, your high score will be safe there. Then your game will stay safe when you will make a score. After that your friend has to break that score. This game changes in a new level after 10 score, which is a wonderful and easy type of game.

play basket ball

Only you can’t play this game, but also you can play with many friends of your group.

#2 Chess!

Suppose, you don’t like basketball game or feeling very disturbed. So let’s go for playing chess in Facebook chat. But if you want to start playing games with a smiley or emetic of chess, then you will be disappointed. For that you have to press Enter after writing @fbchess. Yes, if you press Enter then you will see the chess board with small instruction of two lines. But this game is a little bit tricky. Because, you will not control chess pieces with the help of your mouse. For that you have to know some command. Don’t get fear to hear it, because it is very easy. You will control it very easily if you see this video below.

play chess game on facebook messenger

Thank You!

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