How do I leave from Facebook groups in one click?


I hope all of you are fine, I’m also fine. Today I want to give you something. Before starting the writing, please forgive me if any mistake happens and I can’t write very well so sorry for that.

Let’s get out from Facebook groups in one click.


I have noticed for a few days that many friends have posted on Facebook “I’m saying with folded hands, don’t add me in any group, even bad words they are giving”. Really problem happens very much because I was like that type of patient, but how will we remove from this?

I have been added by 50-100 groups, I have not found from many days that how will remove from all this together?

For some days I informed to Google, but can’t get right answer.

Today I got this answer suddenly.

So I’m sharing with you.

In one click I will remove from all groups and disturbing notification will be closed.

What things will need?

Going to this link:

Download extensions with name of toolkit for Facebook. (1200 KB)

Then open Facebook with ID, password from google chrome.

Then you will clickToolkit for Facebook – #Removal Tools – Leave All Group.

Press “OK” for confirming.

I hope all of you have understood or if any problem happens then comment.

Many works can be done from this tool not only group, but also page, tument, friend request and more things can be done, much needed things.

Thank you for reading this article.

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