The Pros and Cons of being Single


What are the pros and cons of being single? The jury is somewhat torn on the joys of being single or attached: some people can’t bear the thought of being alone for more than one day and spend their entire lives limping from one dysfunctional relationship to another, whereas others relish the peace and quiet of an evening alone with only the cat for company. So what are the pros and cons of being single and is being in a relationship really all it’s cracked up to be?

pros and cons of being single

Pros and cons of being single:-

I will begin by listing all the positive reasons for being single before playing devil’s advocate and listing the cons of being single.

Pros of being single:-

1>     You can enjoy a good night’s sleep—research has consistently proven that sharing a bed with someone is detrimental to your sleep, particularly if the other person is very different in size to you. Larger people tend to hog the duvet and cause the mattress to sag down one side, and let’s not even get started on snoring, restless legs and flatulence issues.

2>     As a single person, you can watch whatever you want on TV without having to capitulate to another’s desire to sit through five hours of Celebrity Gossip or the Sheep Shearing World Championships.

3>     Single people can go on holiday wherever and whenever they choose, so if your best mate rings up and says “let’s go to Dublin for a wild weekend of horse racing and beer” you can be on the plane five hours later without giving it a second thought.

4>     When you are single, nobody is counting calories on your behalf, so instead of turning down dessert because your other half keeps dropping hints about your expanding waistline, you can choose the double chocolate gateau with fresh cream and bloody well enjoy it!

5>     Nights out as a single person are always more fun than when you socialise as a couple. Remember that lost weekend in Vegas? Well guess what, once you’re in couple-heaven, you can kiss goodbye to all those nights of wanton lust and alcoholic binges.

6>     Single people live longer. Yes, seriously, they do. Might not be a great bonus when you’re incapacitated at 90, but hey, at least you can enjoy the sponge baths!


Cons of being single:-

1>     Everyone and their dog is part of a loving couple and sometimes it feels like the world was made for two.

2>     Holidays are always cheaper when you book for two—hotels charge a premium for single rooms.

3>     Social functions can be tough when you do not have a significant other to drag along to share the trauma. Weddings in particular are painful when you are single and the only way to cope with sitting at the “sad and single” table is to get hammered and try it on with the prettiest bridesmaid or best man.

4>     Long term singles have to endure the pitying remarks made by well-meaning couples such as “don’t worry, there is BOUND to be someone out there for you!” or “my cousin Harry is single, so why don’t I set you up on a blind date?”

5>     A hot water bottle or electric blanket might take the chill of the bed temporarily when it is several degrees below freezing outside, but cuddling up to a nice warm body is a far more efficient way of staying warm and cosy.

6>     Single people live longer. Great when you have a toy boy or cute nurse giving you regular sponge baths, but not so great when you are shoved in the nursing home from hell.

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