5 Ideas for Cheap Dates


Times are tough. With most people having very little spare cash, it is hardly surprising that romance is often the first thing to suffer when you have to make a choice buying food or a few drinks down the local pub with a prospective date. But if you are determined to hook the love of your life, here are 5 ideas for cheap dates—and no, not the “pay by the hour” variety of cheap dates!

cheap date

5 Ideas for cheap dates:-

Won’t my date think I’m a cheapskate if I don’t pay out for dinner and/or drinks? Quite possibly, but as long as you put a positive spin on the date idea, they are unlikely to give it too much thought. And besides, do you really want to be dating a gold digger who is only happy with a meal at a Michelin starred restaurant on the first date?

Cheap dates

  1. Good weather is very helpful when it comes to a cheap date or two. If the sun is shining, all you need to do is buy a bargain bottle of wine from the local supermarket, pack some strawberries, a couple of glasses, a blanket, and take your date along to the local park for a few hours of chit-chat and romance. As long as you remember the sun cream, fly repellent, and avoid the kids’ playground, you should be able to have a very pleasant time.

2.   Sticking with the outdoor theme, why not invite your date for a walk in a local country park or nature reserve. You can both enjoy some fresh air and beautiful scenery while engaging in sparkling conversation. And if you are a dog owner, take your pooch along to show how much you adore cute, furry animals. This date will cost you nothing other than your travel expenses, so unless you have to fork out for a drink afterwards, you are guaranteed not to be out of pocket!

3.   If you are lucky enough to live in a tourist hotspot, a great cheap date idea is to invite your love interest for a wander around the local tourist attractions. These do not necessarily need to be the places where you are expected to pay an entrance fee—most popular touristy towns and cities have plenty of things you can do for free. This cheap date is great for those who do not live in the area, but will not work if you both come from the same town…

4.   A romantic bike ride is a great idea for a fun activity you can do on the cheap. Choose a nice easy route, preferably avoiding the local by-pass, and either take some drinks and snacks along, or plan on ending up at a nice café somewhere for a cup of tea or coffee. Obviously this date will only work if you have two suitable bikes, or better still, a tandem! Cycling on roads and designated bike paths is probably easier for cycling novices, but if you are feeling energetic, try some off-road mountain biking.

5.   And lastly, the ultimate cheap date is to offer to cook a meal for your romantic interest. Since you are (hopefully) going to be cooking for yourself anyway, it will not take much effort to stretch to two portions instead of one, and if you add a bargain bottle of plonk and a DVD from blockbuster into the mix, you can have a cheap date! However, be warned, many dates will be understandably wary at the prospect of meeting you at home unless they already know you—so if they refuse to come on the grounds that you might be a serial killer, you will have to save that cheap date for another time.

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