Top 6 Reasons Why it is Good to be Single


With New Years Eve just around the corner, life can feel rather lonely if you are currently single and dateless for the biggest night out of the year. But don’t sweat about it—there are lots of great reasons why you should be thanking your lucky stars you are single! So read on for 6 reasons why it is good to be single…at least for a while…

Happy single man


#1 Single people are usually fitter than their loved up counterparts. Being single gives you a lot more time to go down to the gym, work up a sweat, and check out all those hot guys and girls in tight lycra. And instead of giving the hot tub a miss because you ate too many takeaways with your other half, you can slip in and cosy up to a sexy single.

#2  When you are single, everyone is fair game for a cheeky smile or flirtatious bit of banter. Instead of keeping an eye out for your other half and enduring the third degree if you accidentally catch some cute thing’s eye, you can flirt with abandon and happily accept any invitations to enjoy a fun night out any night of the week.

#3  Once you are coupled up, friendships generally take a back seat—until you fall out with your other half and need a mate’s shoulder to cry on. But if you are single, you can spend lots of time with your mates and accept last minute invites to go skiing in Italy or living it up in Tenerife for a mad weekend away, which is something you would never get away with in a relationship.


#4  Single people tend to be healthier and suffer from less illness, although this apparently depends on how happy your relationship is. We all know what being in an unhappy and dysfunctional relationship is bad for your health, so instead of bemoaning your single status, just remember how much better it is to be single than desperately unhappy with someone who treats you like a doormat.

#5  Life is usually more tranquil when you are single. You do not need to negotiate over who gets to watch their favourite programmes on TV and if you want to stay in bed and read the newspapers on Sunday morning, nobody will be there to nag you about cooking the breakfast.

#6 You will have more money if you are single! Being in a relationship costs more—buying all those new clothes, sexy lingerie and makeup is expensive, and if you eventually decide to tie the knot with your loved one, you can expect to shell out a fortune on the nuptials. And let’s not even start on the cost of a divorce…Singletons, on the other hand, pay more into their pensions and are more likely to save money.

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