What are the qualifications to get a job in Google?


Hello friends, many people have a vivid dream about getting job in Google. Google is one of the most desirable employer in Earth. However, the recruitment process in Google is totally different from other companies. This multinational corporation receives more than 5 million employments CV per year. But only 4 thousand people are getting this opportunity to work in this multinational corporation .

Get a job in Google

get job in google

Google’s education team has declared some special skills for young people, and Google want to work with young generation. When your qualification is to be match for Google scheme, then you are selected for the organization.

Google said that, if you want to get famous as a software engineer so you must have a solid knowledge in computer science. This guide line is a suggestion for all students.

Here are the skills Google wants its tech talent to master, complete with online resources to get you started:

1) Programming learning: you must have known at least one programming language and knowledge to use for the work. In online , there are many opportunities for learning the programming language.

2) Check out the error code: Learn to code in at least one object oriented language . Like C++, Java, or Python.

3) The concepts of mathematics: Such as the knowledge in different branches of mathematics. Because programming is fully based on mathematics and sufficient for the work.

4) Work with operating system:  you have interested to work with the operating system. Because operating system is need for every work.

5) Concept of robot (technology): Google so much like robot. So Google need interest and knowledge in robot technology for the work.

6) Algorithm and data structures: Google is working with various types of data and data structures. Google need some knowledge on this topic.

7) Cryptography: Cyber security is an important issue for Google. So if you want to work at Google you have knowledge of cryptography.

8) Compiler creating: Stanford said, when you can create a compiler, then you can learn how to programming language high-level into low-level.

9) Knowledge about Any other programming: To get a job at Google it is too important to develop the skills as well as other programming language.

10) Parallel programming: At the same time to be able to continue to work with multiple programming is respectively considered by Google.

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