Google knows about you – do you know it?


How much Google knows about me? Google knows about you – do you know it? 90% people use Google for searching their query on the internet. And Google saves all records all the keywords, which you’ve used to search. You use Google regularly, but you don’t know that Google has saved personal data. The general public don’t about you, but Google knows your personality.

What Google knows about you? – Check it now.

How much Google knows about me

How much Google knows about me?

1# Advertisement

I think you have seen advertised on many websites, maximum ads are shown by Google. Google collects data from your PC/browser and create a profile for you. After creating the profile, Google shows the interest base advertisement on the webpage where you are currently accessing. You can set your interest at

2# Location History

You know that one Google account is very essential for using an Android Smartphone. Without Google account, you will be unable you access play store. When you logged in with Google account, Google tracks your location. You can see the location’s history, Google knows where and when have you gone. I know it is surprised for you. Check your location’s history:

3# Personality

Google knows your personalities. I think, your best friend doesn’t know about you, but Google knows your personality. Read your search history and check your personality now.

4# YouTube

How many videos have you watched? How long have you watched? When have you watched videos on YouTube? – Do you know it? Check, how long have you spent on YouTube? And which videos have you seen?

5# App permission

Sometimes some apps want permission for accessing your Google account. Maximum times, we grant the access. Do you know, which apps are accessing your Google account? Check it now-

6# Download information about you

Want to download Google data which are stored by Google? Download all data/information about you in one click which are stored by Google.

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