Use another search engine in Google chrome.


The most popular browser is browser google chrome of search giant Google. It is popular to users for its easy-flowing and dynamicity. But if you want search engine like Bing and Yahoo is also used as default search engine in the browser.

How to use another search engine in Google Chrome?


Generally, when you enter a keyword in browser of Google chrome, then it shows the results of a Google search as default search engine.

This tutorial has mentioned that how other search engine can be used in google chrome.

At first you have to click settings from the Tools menu.

Google chrome setting

Then you have to select the default search engine from the drop down of Search of settings tab.

Google chrome setting2

If you want to add or eliminate a new search engine then click on Manage button, arbitrary select default engine from the window’s search engine or you have to add new.

Google chrome setting3

But if there is customize search engine in some site which are useful for Firefox and internet explorer, if you want this then you can add into search engine. For that you have to click on to add a new search engine option.

Download the google chrome browser from here: