What type of files could not be attached in Gmail for sending email [Banned file types in Gmail]


After 13th February 2017, these files cannot be mailed from Gmail. After 13 February, the Google is going to ban on ‘.js‘ file. You cannot mail ‘.js‘ file with Gmail. Gmail has been announced that “due to the security, Google is going to ban on ‘.js’ file. From 13th February, e.g. file, .exe file, .msc file, .bat file are going to ban in Gmail.

Banned file types in Gmail

Gmail banned files

The company has also announced that after 13th February if any Gmail user is tried to send .e.g. file, .exe file, .msc file, .bat file, .js and then the Gmail immediately send back the mail. And then Gmail will tell to the user that why do not send these kind files through Gmail.

Now, how do you attach this type of files in Gmail?

I think, after listening to this news, this question is coming in your mind that how do you send these type of files with Gmail. Yes, you can attach these type of file easily.

So, you’ve to just compress the file with file compression software. If you compress your files into ‘.zip’, ‘.rar’ or ‘.tar’ format, then you will be able to send all these files very easily.

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