Google gets to know your all information through this 10 URLs


How are you? I hope all of you are fine. I’m also fine for your blessings. Today I will share with you how to Google, gets to know your all information?

Nowadays, millions of people have used the internet and they have used to get most of internet service. In the most cases, it is seen that we get all internet services through Google, like our android phone which is directly connected with a Gmail account.

The 10 Important URL’s That Every Google User Should Know.


In spite of this, there are how many other type of service which is preserved in Google’s own database and it has given the only little bit benefit of Mail database for using that. But what you have done in the Google whole day, Google is getting everything through 10 URLs. So let’s see, how Google gets to know all our internet activity.

#1. Account Login Details:


Using Google, you can know the information of your account login details. In spite of this, where you have used this account, Google has information on all that location. You can know about this type of information and service from Google Security of Google account.

#2. Google Dashboard:


This medium is the best feature of Google, from where you will see at a glance all essence of your Google account. There are all your contact details, calendar record, bookmark, file etc. You have to go just to Google Dashboard.

#3. Google Now Voice History:


This is a record of all your voice commands, which has been preserved by Google. Which you can delete, View and Delete all Google Now Voice History.

#4. Google Ads:


How many Ads on Google you have clicked whole day, you can know all that information from a Google Ads page.

#5. WEB & App Activity:


With which keyword you have searched Google whole day, all that information treasures are there.

#6. Location History:


This is the most wonderful feature of Google, which gives all your location. This feature is used specially for them, those who have been missed. So to get all that information, you can see Google Location History.

#7. Smartlock:

Smartlock by google

This feature of Google, gives to log in directly in any place without password or code. Go to Smart Lock to know about this.

#8. Device Information:


From here you will know that all information about, Google has exchanged with your device or not.

#9. Apps Permission:

App permission

Here which app you want to use, all that information and permission benefits are given there.

#10. Takeout:

Download Data from Takeout

From here you can download data. You have to just keep Google’s product in Archive and should be configured also.

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