Download Turbo C/C++ for windows 7


Hi friends,Today I give you the  Turbo c++ software  for windows 7.

There are many compilers available for C language for different platforms, of which Turbo C is the one used commonly for Windows operating systems. You may all know that Turbo C/C++ is a 16 bit compiler which was originally developed for Windows versions up to XP. Nowadays most people use the latest version of Windows is Windows 7. Windows XP is an unstable operating system, where as Windows 7 is much better and can be considered as a stable operating system. Now the problem is Windows 7 comes in 32 bit and 64 bit versions only, and 16 bit compiler doesn’t support in a 32 bit/64 bit operating system. So you have to install Turbo c++ windows 7 version.

Download Turbo C/C++ 

Turbo C++ for Windows 7 (Full-Screen Supported)

Download and Install -Turbo C/C++ major release:
Out of the many tricks available, I found this as the easiest way to set up Turbo C compiler for your Windows operating system. You just need to download this major release and install it as per the guidelines. The biggest advantage is that this major release will work perfectly on any Windows OS (Vista and 7) irrespective of 32 bit/ 64 bit versions.

Download Link of Turbo C/C++ major release:

Download Here

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