iSeePassword – Windows Password Recovery Pro Review – Reset Windows 7/810 Password Safely and Easily


There are lots of programs available on the internet that offers to recover password of your Windows computer if you forgot it. Forgetting the password of your computer will prevent you to access your computer which automatically implies that the data inside your computer are locked and inaccessible. While this can be real problematic situation but today we are going to review the best Windows password recovery software.

iSeePassword – Windows Password Recovery Pro has considered every possibilities that may cause getting your computer locked and has offered an incredible and lifesaving program for the victims of this issue. With the help of this program, you can totally remove all kind of passwords whether it is strong or weak from your Windows desktop computer or laptops.

So, let us review iSeePassword – Windows Password Recovery Pro software and see if it really works.

About iSeePassword Company:

iSeePassword has developed its organization back in 2010 and is responsible for making the most crucial password recovery software. It also offers other utilities that helps in different aspects in computer and smartphone world.

With over 20 million satisfied customers, iSeePassword has really came on top of the world. It even offers an extra-ordinary after sale support that has been the top highlight of this company. iSeePassword is best identified for its Windows password recovery program that helps to reset the password of their computer without erasing anything from their computer.

Alright, now let’s see how you can use this Windows password recovery program.

Overview of iSeePassword – Windows Password Recovery Pro

Honestly speaking, it is the best password recovery program for Windows that can reset passwords from all types of user accounts whether it is administrator, local or root profiles. It is true, that it is a paid program but the premium specifications offered by this program are truly remarkable. It will be a worthy one-time investment that literally save your life.

iSeePassword – Windows Password Recovery Pro can completely erase the password from your computer and it is supported in every Windows version which includes Windows XP, Vista, Server, 7, 8 and even with latest Windows 10. It allows you to create password reset disk in 2 ways using either USB drivers or CD/DVD.

You can even add or remove existing user accounts and unlock expired user profiles with this program.

How to reset Windows password with this program?

It is a desktop program so you will be required to have a different computer with administrator rights so that you can create a password reset bootable disk using your USB driver or CD/DVD. And the only reason to use a different computer is because you can’t access your own.

The home screen of this program is very simple and click and you only need few clicks on your mouse to successfully create your first password reset disk that can be used to unlock your main computer.

You can obviously download the trial version of this PC unlocker software and it will show you all the users linked with a computer but if you need to unlock your system then you will have to register the software first to successfully reset the password your Windows computer.

Step 1. Creating the Bootable Disk

If you have installed the program on the separate computer already then use a USB stick or DVD to create the bootable disk first. In this review, we will take USB driver for an example. To do that, first you should insert the removal driver on your computer and wait for the program to recognize it. Once it is identified, you can select the name of your driver and click on “Burn USB“.

Windows Password Recovery Pro
Windows Password Recovery Pro

When the burning process is finished, you will be able to see a new window that will say “Burning Successfully!


Step 2. Changing the Boot Priority

Now, plug in the removal disk on your locked PC and go to BIOS settings to change the boot priority option. Make sure to keep USB stick as #1 priority and reboot it so that the password recovery program can automatically launch on the startup screen.

Boot Device Priority
Boot Device Priority

Step 3. Reset computer password

All you need to do now is to input the following information –

  • The operating system version. For example – Windows 8.
  • Choose the target locked user.
  • Click “Reset Password”.
  • Click “Reboot”.
iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro
iSeePassword Windows Password Recovery Pro

And you are done! Now you can restart your PC and the program should have removed the password.

Final Thoughts: It is a conclusive prove that this program works perfectly and can remove from any Windows computer. No matter how tough and complex password is used to protect the computer, iSeePassword program can destroy all types of passwords from your system forever. And, this was the complete review of iSeePassword – Windows Password Recovery tool. Don’t forget to share your thoughts and opinions on the comments below.