Is Guest Blogging Worthy or Worthless?

    1. Is guest blogging in 2015 is still good?
    1. Will I still do guest blogging?
    1. Is guest blogging good or bad?
  1. Now guest blogging is worthy or worthless?

Every day these questions are asked to me. It can be your question too. Now the question is, is it still good to do guest blogging in 2018?

The answer is both YES/NO

Confusing? OK, I am clearing it out. But before that, you got to tell me why you do guest blogging?

Is Guest Blogging Worthy or Worthless?

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The probable answer will be that I do guest blogging for getting high page rank, lots of visitors and many more. But the ultimate goal of doing this is to take the SEO benefit. Isn’t it?

How to make your website super SEO friendly

A site with very low authority and 0-page rank getting the page rank and many SEO benefits when it does guest blogging. What do you think? Is it good?

List of Free Guest Posts and Article Submission High-Quality Sites as Per DA

Try to judge for yourself. For Example, Huffing ton post has page rank 8 and your site has 0. Your one is a very low authority site and the content of your site is not good enough. But after taking the spammy guest blogging practice your site is starting to get page rank. Now tell me why Google uses Page Rank? If the spammy practice goes on then will it be the matter to get page rank when every individual site will have the page rank?

That’s why Google says STOP!

This post has been written by Chris Crum Google Takes Action On Guest Blogging. Try to read out what Google did?

So now what will happen to the new and talented bloggers who don’t have the authority site?

Worry about that? Don’t worry. Google never said stop it forever. You can still do guest blogging for your site branding, branding yourself and for getting visitors but not for SEO. So you can do guest blogging, but you have to do it in a legal way, not in a spammy way. You can do a guest blog to build the relationship with your community which is very important for a new blogger.

What is Guest Posting? And what it’s advantages?

Now I am going to give you some tips so that you can effectively do guest blogging as a blogger and as well as a publisher too. I think it won’t hurt your blog and Google won’t consider it as spam.

As a publisher what you have to do:

    1. Only accept and publish good and very authentic content on your blog. Don’t publish whatever you get from the guest authors.
    1. Don’t entitle them to a guest post. If you do then Google can take it as spam. So don’t it, you can put the authors’ info in the Bio section.
  1. You must make sure that the post you going to publish is relevant to your older post and it will be very useful information for your readers.

What is a forum? And why forum posting is important in SEO?

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As a writer what you got to do:

    1. Don’t write a post for the guest blogging firm.
    1. Write quality content for your readers when you write as a guest blogger.
    1. Build a relationship with your readers and other bloggers by giving quality content. It is the very important cause if you can build the relationship with others, then you will certainly get a lot of visitors on your blog.
  1. Don’t put links at randomly in your post. Only post relevant link if it’s necessary. You can easily put your links in the bio section.

What should you do if you are new in blogging

Google always likes authentic and unique content so don’t worry? If you can produce quality content, then you can get a better position on Google whether it is your blog or another blog doesn’t matter.

What is Guest Blogging? How do you do guest blogging?

What I said earlier that blogging is all about writing quality content and building a good relationship with other bloggers and readers. Guest Blogging in 2018 is still living, but you need to keep in mind what I have said in my today’s post.Thank you…

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