What is a forum? And why forum posting is important in SEO?


How are you? I hope all of you are fine. I’m also fine for your blessings. Greeting to everyone in the The Mental Club community. Today I will share with you “Important of Forum posting”. The forum is a social discussion or problem or a medium of several problem’s solution like Facebook group.

The Importance Of Forum Posting In SEO.


What is a forum?

The forum is such a place where discussions are given on various subjects. Generally, members of forum discuss all these. There are several theme based category or division, all this division have a sub division department of advantage of discussion. There several persons mention their different problems, others give answers to their problems. As knowledge increases by charity so there many wise men do this work. So who goes to take the solution to their problem, he gets his solution easily. And in this way a forum continues. As forum a place of discussion so, one forum is decorated by the discussion based system.

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Basic discussion about forum:

The forum is a social discussion or problem or a medium of several problem’s solution like Facebook group. In which way admins are there in the Facebook group, like that any forum has an admin. One forum has several types of topic, about which you will discuss, the topic of the subject is posted certainly. You can’t post an irrelevant topic in the Facebook group, though if you wish, like that you can’t post if you don’t follow forum’s condition. If you post irrelevant topics and then in which way admin of Facebook group will delete your post and removing that if necessary, like that deleting your irrelevant topics Forum’s admin will ban you. So if you post by not following forum’s condition then all is wasted. Because, suppose you worked of micro workers, before checking employer if you delete a forum post, then you have to see cross sign.


You have to post by following all conditions. In which forum site, you will work, on that site if you have a membership from long days, generally they don’t delete posts. If you sign up today and post something and give a link in the middle of posts then admin never active that post, it will delete that. At first 20-30 days give answer of relevant post or others question or problem without the link in the forum. In this way, if you contact regularly, then one time you will be familiar to all, then sometimes if you give link in some post, admin will not mind anything. But don’t give link in all post then admin will understand that, you are doing business. In spite of that you have noted that in Facebook group also, if old members post some irrelevant thing, or do any mistake, then admin doesn’t say anything against them, but if that same post new members do then they are sent a notice or post is deleted. The matter of the forum is like that.

Why will you use the forum?

  • As forum is a place of discussion so you can get a solution by mentioning your own problem here. You can give also a solution others problem. Here if you spend time then you will be familiar to different persons, following them develop can be done of yourself. New things can be learned. As this is one type of community so here many people spend times more than normal blogs, so here side of advantage is more.
  • Blogger accepts one of the main advantages of a forum. They use the forum for their SEO work. It is possible to get massive quality visitors from there. Most of forum gives do follow backlink which is very useful thing. They’re posting forum, backlink can be taken.
  • It is said, one do follow backlink is better than hundred no follow backlink. So getting do follow backlink from forum is very important for a website or blog.

Web address of important forum:

Here I’m giving some important high page rank forum posting site’s web addresses, by using which you will get many advantages.

The forum is such a platform where registered users can participate in the discussion on a particular subject about several problems and solutions of this and that. Forum commenting or profile linking is very important for the backlink. To get do follow backlink forum site plays an extraordinary role. And you can get your site’s backlink through posting in forums, even through signature and comment. There are available many works of profile linking or forum posting in several market places like ODEX and freelancer sites. In spite of this, it has no pair to get do follow backlink for your blog. Today we will show you through video tutorial that “How to register in the forum” and side by side to use signatures and at last we will see “How to post in the forum”.

Let’s see at the beginning, “How to register in the forum and side by side to use a signature“. Before that I tell you one thing, the meaning of the home page at the time of profile setting is there is an option of giving your site’s name. Here the URL of your blog or website is Basiyaram. The most important subject is you will get a signature option for sharing your links in your profile, this is the main matter of the forum. Go to edit option of your profile, there you will get signature option and click on that. They’re using your site’s one main keyword, giving BB code of anchor text on that/giving HTML code set link (which supports forum) and save that.

“How to register in the forum and how to use signatures and how to post in the forum” for that you have to note specially that matter of forum commenting definitely. That is not only being registered member link will not be given in comments, sometimes profile is decorated so much (neither it will be banned). Link could not be given in some forums without signature. It will depend on forum’s rule. And one thing, don’t write any irrelevant thing in comment or post. For that mu suggestion I use a signature in forums, in it you comment or thread whatever you will publish your link to help of anchor.


Remember that profile linking is a very big thing in SEO. So use blogs and forum by sense.

Is there need of explaining about the forum? But I’m explaining for new that discussion is the Bengali meaning of forum word. Many forums are manufactured in the world of present technology where many discussions are held about this.

For forum posting, first you have to make an account in your favourite forum. Forum posting is a very important process through which you can get massive or visitors per month very easily. Forum posting is not an only place of discussion, through this SEO will be done for your blog or website automatically.

This is really a very effective process for bringing visitors or traffics. If you want, then you can campaign of your material or service through forum posting, but you have to note that your posts must be followed by the forum’s rules. Many people don’t give post about forum’s rules, that’s why their account cancels. So it is recommended to give notes on this definitely.

Why forum posting is important, some important tips are given about that in the following:

Forum posting plays a very important role for search engine optimization. Through forum posting your blog or website’s backlink increases, through which massive visitors are available. Through forum posting social relation increases. The forum is the main media of cooperating with others and getting help from others.

After making account for forum posting, first add a signature, in it several traffics are available. Always try to post about forum related discussion. Forum posting is a good process through which there makes a field of discussion about your favourite subject.

Important Note:

Post unique or original thing, neither your account can be cancelled. Note before posting in forums that have that post published in correct section or not. Stay away from posting the bad title or irrelevant posts. Don’t post same problem in many sections of the same forum. Some forums don’t give chances to campaign business type post, so don’t campaign of commercial products in this type of forum ever. If you publish a spam post in the forum, then your account can be cancelled, so note this side.

At last, when you will start to post in the forum, then remember must, you give importance not only on the campaign of your commercial product, but also you have to stay mentality to cooperate others through this.

Thank you for reading this article. I hope this tune will work for you. If there is any mistake, then forgive me. If you face any problem, then don’t forget to comment. If you think the article is beneficial then obviously share it.

Thank You…

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