How To Watch Torrent Movies without Downloading?


Friends, how are you? Hopefully, all of you are very well. I am fine. Ok, come to the point that all of us like to watch HD movie. So, for watching HD movie, we download the full version of HD movie from Torrent. You can watch a movie in live streaming without downloading any movie from Torrent.

How To Watch Torrent Movies without Downloading?

How To Watch torrent movies without downloading

You can watch it only on your PC. First of all, you have to download the ROX Player for your Laptop or PC. When the ROX Player is installed on your PC, then you can download the link of your any favourite movie or video from the Torrent site.

Then, you have to open ROX Player. When you open it, then you will click the left sided file. Then, you click on the open. torrent and select the link which you have downloaded the torrent file.

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