How to find out online uploaded any HD movie’s direct download link?


How are you all? I hope all of you are fine. I’m fine always and I try to stay fine. Let’s get back to the main topic. Today we will learn the easiest way to find out the direct download link of uploaded any HD movie in online with the help of smartphone and computer.

There is complicated to search such people who doesn’t see a movie or doesn’t download movie from online. But those who download movies from movie, then they know well that it is difficult to find out the actual direct link of the movie. So many people may posted by seeing just a good movie’s direct download link. Sometimes I see this type of article. There is not less visitor of this article totally. Seeing this type of post today I seemed that how is that if I post with the easiest way for downloading a movie? Anyway, today I will describe that the way of downloading movies in the easiest way from online.

Learn The Easiest Way To Find Out The Direct Download Link Of Uploaded Any HD Movie In Online.

download online movie

If any movie is being uploaded into online, if that is any website, you can find out that after seeing today’s post. Today’s post’s theme is very small and simple, I will also share with you one more trick. Many people don’t know that popular media player MX Player can be used as also audio player. At the end of today’s post you can use MX Player as an audio player and a bonus. What do you say if you release from the extra problem of installing the audio player?

Online uploaded any HD movie’s direct download link:

Generally, we use popular movie download sites for downloading movies. But many times it is difficult to find out the direct download link for new users or expert also. Above on that someone wants to download movie with mobile phone, then for that person, it is very difficult to find out the direct download link of a movie because who finds only he knows that. Anyway, today we will see how to find out online uploaded any HD movie’s direct download link?

What things will need?

  • Computer or smartphone
  • One standard browser which can download big files.
  • Internet connection and Google search engine (don’t use a mini version of any browser)
  • And which movie you want to download that’s the correct English name and video format.

The process of finding out the direct download link of the movie:

I’m hoping that you have all required things for downloading movies. Actually there is not such people whom will not be found. I did joke with you by saying about materials. Anyway, follow the following process to find out the direct download link.

  • Which movie you want to download, press enter by writing that’s English name and video format with following keywords in Google search engine. It has shown in the picture that red parts are keywords, green part is video format and the blue part is the movie’s name.
?intitle:index.of? mkv ant man
  • Now you will see search result like following picture. There are direct download links of mentioned movie in each of which.


  • Now enter in any website. Then you will get mentioned movie’s direct download link like following picture including more movie’s links.


  • Click on any link from lists, then download will be started together. I showed by working with computer. This work will be done in the same way in the smartphone also.


  • Isn’t there any problem to understand sure? Now download more movies. I handed over to your hand world’s key. Good luck to everyone.

The use of MX Player as audio player.

MX Player is the best popular media player of present time for seeing video in Android device. I also just use MX Player for seeing video. But many people don’t know that it works, of wonderful audio player with video player. Anyway, I will show you at the end of rest part that how to use MX Player as an audio player. For this follow following steps.


  • First activate MX Player application in android device. Now go to player option from settings and check audio player check box. See the following picture if you don’t understand it.


  • Your work is finished. Now see by restarting app and it has worked as an audio player.

MX Player

I don’t know that you knew post’s two themes before or not. If you seem this trick new then don’t forget to inform me definitely. And those who have free version of MX Player for them, I have given one pro version as a gift. Download quickly from following download link.

Download MX Player Pro

Last Word:

If you like this post or there is any problem to understand this then don’t forget to inform me through the comment. Because your any opinion will encourage me to be corrected and post standard post. If you think this article basic and appropriate for being selected post,  then don’t forget to nominate. At last which thing I will say, let’s leave to do copy paste and let’s discourage others also not to do copy paste. Here I have finished by praying for all goodness. See you in the next post.

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