Download Best Free Backup Software for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista – EaseUS Todo Backup 10.6 Application


Download Best Free Backup Software for Windows 10/8/7: Hi TheMentalClub viewers. It’ Bittu again. To back up the important files on your computer or to back up your whole hard drive is very important and it is a proof task. If you back up your hard drive, to crash undesired hard drive or if the file is deleted as a mistake – You cannot recover at all. There is no reliance on hard drives. So, to save from the data loss hard drive back up is the ideal process. So, today in this article I am going to show you what is the best free backup download software for your windows computer. just read on.

Download Best Free Backup Software for Windows 10/8.1/8/7/Vista – EaseUS Todo Backup 10.6 Application

Download Best Free Backup Software for Windows
Download Best Free Backup Software for Windows

But, if you give these latest updated backup software called EaseUS Todo Backup 10.6, then you may able to backup all your need. It is a powerful software then your life will be very simple. There are some features in the software for which you must try this software.

As a program of Data backup- EasyUS Todo Backup 10.6 is an automatic choice program. Automatic data backup and super simple user interface enhance the need to use this software. This software does not back up files, folders, emails, such as any normal data backup software, with full hard drive, partitions With full hard drive, partitions, even your Android device helps you to backup.

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The usage of this program is very easy because, in this system, it has built in step by step set up wizard, as a result of your back up system will be very easy, you can’t find out any word. The software supports a standard feature, for example, compression, and email notification– but you never find out the features in free version.

EaseUS Todo Backup

EaseUS Todo Backup Home software makes an important role in the new hard drive operating system.

Suppose, “your old hard drive has gone to the death stage, or you want to change the previous hard drive to the new or you want to change the previous hard drive to buy new and large size hard drives, in that case, the EaseUS Todo Backup Home software will make your work a lot easier“.

And thanks to the software’s special disc cloning, thanks to this amazing feature. Disk Cloning means that you can create a perfect copy by extracting bit-to-bit data from your old hard drive and extracting data on a new hard drive.

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You will insert the new hard drive in your system, but your computer never understand it, you don’t need to reinstall Windows. Do you think about it? This extraordinary software will reduce your problem. Your process will be completed within 30 minutes to 1 hour. If your data will be more in amount, then it will take more time.

Download Best Free Backup Software for Windows

Now, the price of this software is $29. If you want to buy this software for the lifetime and any features version, then the charge of it is $59. But, the best thing is, it supports all kinds of versions of Windows such as Windows 10/8.1/8/7/vista.

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Note: Before paying your valuable money, you must check it that how helpful it and does it have the features according to your needs?

I believe that EaseUS Todo Backup Home software itself believes in quality products, so, this paid version offers you for 30 days trial period, if you like it then you can buy this software.

EaseUS Data Recovery software Full Version Free Download

EaseUS Todo Backup 10.6 Feature Update:

EaseUS Todo Backup 10.6 Feature Update


This software has so many features and the thing which I like that it has the superb simple interface. Software supports various types of backup.

You can backup hard drive, file backup, system backup, mail backup, definite partition backup, and Android Device Back up.


Cloud Backup:-

Download Best Free Backup Software for Windows: By using this software, the backup file stores in a single file named PBD which you can save in local hard drive network drive or external hard drive. Yes, obviously this software supports cloud backup.

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You log in to your cloud service, for example, Google Drive, Dropbox, one Drive etc. So your free online backup website will make the users EasyUS Todo software change to work like a paid backup service.

EaseUS Todo Backup Supported OS:

 It supports all kinds of versions of Windows such as Windows 10/8.1/8/7/vista.

The Whole Features of this Software: [Have a Look]

  1. You can split it in different custom sizes, as a result you will manage storage.
  2. When the backup process will run, then at that moment you can set the power of your computer processor.
  3. You can limit backup read/write speed, as a result your application would not get slow. Smart Back up features works it smartly.
  4. It supports compressing back up. Before starting your Windows, you can run EaseUS Todo BackUP Home. There is no need to run DVD burn or USB drive. By using this feature, you can take the back up of disk/partition/system.
  5. During the time of making a backup, you can back up every single sector. As a result, it can possible to make the backup drive.
  6. If your back up process will be long and if you don’t want to sit in the front of your computer continuously, then after finishing back up, this software automatically turn off your computer.
  7. You can restore your favourite file during the time of restoring after you make a full hard drive/backup of the partition.
  8. Miss Back up software can do work automatically.
  9. You can directly do live processing in various drives, as a result, there is no need to make a backup image.
  10. After taking the back up in your system, you can make portable Windows version through the process of restoring in your pen drive.
  11. You can add any description along with the backup plan, as a result you can get the advantage to manage the backup files.
  12. Through the using of search and filter, you can find a definite backup file and can restore it.
  13. You can restore any virtual drive, as a result without any tension you can edit, copy and paste the backup.
  14. There is a calculator before making back up, which helps you to measure the backup size, is where you will save the backup file.
  15. You can run the scheduled backup.
  16. In the folder of the backup, if there is not an adequate space, then, in that case, a message will be provided to you and your backup file will hold it after the emptiness of the space the process of the backup save will be started.
  17. From the login of the software, you will get the information of the job, it will save the backup file record.
  18. Not only the backup data, rather than you can use this tool to erase any data permanently.
  19. Automatically, the program will be started, i.e. for updating the program, there is no need to manually install updated version of the program.
For any extra information, you can also visit the feature update page of EaseUS Todo Backup Download Best Free Backup Software for WindowsClick Here. 

How Would You Clone the Drive Using EaseUs Backup Software?

Before starting it, a new hard drive is needed and some more things are also needed. Two hard drives have to be connected to the computer. If you use old computer, then it is not a tough task to insert a new hard drive along with the old hard drive but in the case of Laptop, it is quite a difficult task.

Just Lost Your Data? Recover It With EaseUS Data Recovery Wizard Free Software

However, it is not an impossible task, then a SATA-to-USB cable is needed, through which you can connect the hard drive with the Laptop.

Process Of Cloning:-

Step 1. First of all, EaseUS Todo backup 10.6 Home– download the trial version of this software from here

Download Now

Step 2. After completing the installation of the software run the software and click on the “CLONE” option.

Clonning in Easeus Todo backup

Step 3. Now select the correct system drive and if you want to do more drives, then select those drives. System drive must be “C” drive and you never forget to select the “C” drive.

Backup in easius


Step 4. Now, it is the time to choice the disk. If this disk is never used before, then it shows in big drive or free drive. Check it again and again and if you select wrong drive, the main drive will be deleted.

Step 5. If you click on the “Edit” button, then it is a good idea to move forward.

Download Best Free Backup Software for Windows Step 6. After setting everything, then it is prepared to run the process. Now, click on the “Proceed” button and your process will be started.

Download Best Free Backup Software for Windows 10

Remember: you can also download this software for your different purpose like,

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What is The Best Thing About this and Why You Should Use This Software?
  • The best thing which I like most is the simple user interface and you have looked that how easy it is to use!
  • You can do disk-clone directly without creating an image.
  • Its schedule backup feature will keep safe from any accidents.
  • And the another thing which I like that is I have never seen a backup software that can run automatically before Windows runs and there is no need to use bootable pen drive or disk. Through this feature, you can make a backup from the computer. For this, there is no need to make a backup on separate computers.

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My Last Words:-

Hope you like this article about Download Best Free Backup Software for Windows 10/8/7 – EaseUS Todo Backup 10.6 Application. If you have still any queries or have any problem then you visit the official website of EaseUS Todo Backup. You may also leave your comment in the comment section below. Thanks for reading.

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