How to Dress on a First Date


First dates are make or break, so it is very important that you make the right impression on your prospective new lover. Most people make their minds up about a date within a few minutes of meeting the person, and although you can salvage a lot of things with a great deal of effort, this does not apply to dates, so if you show up looking like a fashion disaster you may as well go home now because you have blown it already!


How to dress on a first date:-

  • You must dress to impress on a first date, no matter what sex you are, which means taking a shower and wearing something clean before you head out the door—you might be comfortable wearing your favourite pair of jeans with a torn knee, but unless you are dating a skater chick or dude, they are unlikely to be impressed at your lack of effort.


Should I buy a new outfit for my date?

  • It is often tempting to rush out and spend a fortune on a new outfit for your hot date, but there is a real danger that the sizzling outfit that looked awesome in the changing room looks completely naff when you wear it a few hours later. So instead of abusing your Mastercard, stick to an outfit you already know looks hot and flatters your figure.

what to wear on my first date

Should I dress sexily?

  • For women, it is tempting to dress as alluringly as possible for a first date so as to ensure the man is bowled over by your sex appeal. Unfortunately, while there is nothing wrong with looking sexy, there is a lot wrong with flashing too much flesh. Always follow the principle that it is good to show off legs OR cleavage, but never both. Less is more when it comes to dressing for a date. Leave something to the imagination when picking out your outfit—if you have all the goods on show, what is left for your date to look forward to?


  • The same applies to wearing clothes that are a few sizes too small. Skin tight jeans look good on skinny model types, but they look pretty awful when you are oozing out through the seams. There is nothing wrong with being a few pounds overweight, but dress to suit your figure and flatter those curves rather than sucking them up in spray on lycra!

What type of outfit is appropriate for a first date?

  • To a certain extent, your choice of outfit will depend on where you are going for a first date—you might choose to dress casual if you are meeting your date at a coffee shop, but the same outfit would look woefully out of place at the opera. So consider the location and wear something that won’t leave you red-faced or turned away at the door.


Should I try and look fashionable for a first date?

  • Fashion is often an individual thing, so wear whatever you feel comfortable in rather than trying to be a slave to the latest fashion trends. However, it is a good idea to wear something that is fairly up to the minute unless you are making a point of expressing your individuality through the medium of 1970s spandex.

And finally, if in doubt about a first date outfit, always seek a second opinion from someone you trust.

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