How to Create a Great Dating Profile


Hello, friends……how are you? Today I am going to share with you that, How to Create a Great Dating Profile.Anyone can sign up for Internet dating sites, but not everyone is very good at creating a great profile! Having a great profile is essential. Your profile is your shop window on the site and unless you market yourself well, nobody is going to be buying what you are selling.

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How to create a great dating profile:-


First things first, you need a decent picture. You might not want to post a picture initially, but the reality is that with a good picture, you will have at least ten times as many people contacting you. The sad truth is, most of us are a shallow bunch and looks matter.

What picture should I post?


Ideally you need a good close up of your face. Anyone who checks out your profile will be interested in what you look like, so a photo of you standing a mile away is unlikely to be much good. You will find that many of the top sites insist on a close up face photo for the main profile, so a picture that does not show your face clearly will be rejected.


Does it need to be a recent one?


Yes! How would you feel if you went on a date expecting to meet Cheryl Cole’s twin sister, only to discover your date looked more like Cheryl’s granny? Exactly! Using photos of you when you had a full head of hair and were ten stone lighter is known as false advertising. Always use a recent picture or it will come back to bite you.

On the same subject, it really should not need saying, but make sure you post a picture that is actually YOU. Amazingly, some people do cut and paste from the Internet and upload to their dating profile…

What on earth do I say about myself in the blurb?


This is a tough one. Try and keep it light and do not be tempted to mention how you have had lots of bad experiences and you are not sure why on earth you are even bothering with this site. That kind of attitude will not endear you to any potential partners.

Humour  is a good start. If you don’t take yourself too seriously, you should enjoy some success on dating sites. We all like somebody who can make us smile, so use the profile blurb to be original. If in doubt, get your best mate to write it for you. Just check what they have written before you post it!

I have no hobbies, so what shall I put?


If you have no interests beside work and sleep, perhaps you should think about getting a life!

But seriously, some hobbies are good, whereas others most definitely are not. If you are into playing sports, tick all those boxes. It might help you meet someone with similar interests. If you have some quirky hobbies, do not hesitate to write them down. Anything that makes you stand out from the crowd is good.

However, if your hobbies involve collecting guns and breeding pit-bulls, it is a good idea not to mention that to potential dates.

  • Once you have a great picture uploaded and you have filled in the blurb about your hobbies and what you are looking for, sit back and wait for all those hot singles to beat a path to your door……..
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