How To Choose The Right Picture For Your Dating Profile


Hi!! Today, I am sharing a new topic. The name of the topic is How To Choose The Right Picture For Your Dating Profile. We all know how important it is to have a picture on a dating profile. Statistics continually prove that most of us are a deeply shallow bunch of individuals who won’t talk to anyone without a picture. Well who can blame us? Love might be blind, but there is little point in spending time building a relationship online when that person might turn out to be your neighbour’s husband moonlighting as a twentysomething singleton. So now I have convinced you a profile picture is essential, how do you choose the right picture for your dating profile?


How to choose the right picture for your dating profile:-

Unfortunately, not all pictures are equal and there are a few rules to adhere to before posting any old picture as your main profile photo. So before you get all carried away and upload dozens of holiday snaps from the Club 18-30 break you went on ten years ago, read on for some helpful advice on how to choose the right picture for your dating profile.

How to choose the right picture for your dating profile
How to choose the right picture for your dating profile

Ancient picturesit should go without saying that posting a picture from the 1970s when you were young, hot, and still with all your own hair and teeth, is blatantly false advertising. It might get you a first date, but you can kiss goodbye to date two.

Model pictures—lots of people pay good money for professional shots of themselves. Yes, they probably look great, but the pics are not a fair reflection of who you really are, warts and all. Potential dates will be put off by what looks like a professionally shot photo: they will wonder why you have no “normal” photos.

Drunk photos—photos taken of us with a traffic cone on our head are rarely flattering, so think twice before posting shots of yourself draped over various items of bar furniture with a bottle of vodka in your hand. Having fun is cool; imitating Kate Moss on a night out is not.

Webcam pictures—using grainy shots taken with a webcam is great if you are about fourteen and you are updating your Facebook profile, but for everyone else it is a no-no. Webcam shots are rarely very flattering and they have a tendency to make your head look misshapen in bad light, so unless you are happy to portray yourself in the worst possible light (literally), use a decent camera.

Photoshop—posting pictures with your ex scrubbed out is in very poor taste and using Photoshop to doctor photos is never very clever. Potential dates do not want to see pictures of you manipulated with bizarre image effects and mysterious black shadows beside you.

Group shots—the whole point of a profile picture is so that potential dates can see what you look like. Should you be one of twenty in a family portrait from Great Aunt Edna’s 90th birthday party, dates might have a problem working out which face is yours. They might assume you are the old, ugly one…and move swiftly one to the next profile.

Photos of your kids—if you are a parent, it can sometimes be difficult to find a photo that does not include one of your offspring pulling silly faces and blowing kisses at the camera. But please, do not post pictures of your kids on dating sites. Online dating sites of full of strange people, so do no expose your children to potential danger—it is not unheard of for paedophiles to target parents on dating sites purely to gain access to their children.

Far away photos—stunning shots of the sun setting on the horizon in Fiji might look great on your wall, but most dates want to see you up close, not as a black speck in the distance.

Skin pictures—there are a few sites where you are actively encouraged to post rude shots of your naked bits, but most regular dating sites do not allow it. If you have a six-pack or a great décolletage it can be tempting to show it off, but you risk being branded a vain show-off if you do. So don’t.

How to get the perfect profile picture
How to get the perfect profile picture

And finally, if in doubt, ask a mate to offer their opinion on the pictures you are considering using for your dating profile. Hopefully they will save you from a dating profile disaster!

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