Do you download Cinema from Torrent? You can be prisoned for 3 years.


If you download the picture of “block URL” from a torrent site, then you have to go to jail or pay penalty.

The Indian government has blocked thousand websites and URL with the help of internet service provider in last five years. But if you note at this “block URL” sites, then you could be jailed for three years.

In India User may get 3 years in Jail for the viewing torrent site. 


It went about the matter of “block URL”. There are some sites which have copyright and if you download that you could be fined up to Rs/- 3 lakhs.

If you want to open this type of URL, at first a warning message will be shown. In India most of a URL and website have been blocked with the help of DNS filtering. Which means website’s DNS files are to be submitted in the list of internet service provider and then internet service provider will block the website’s request including the URL.

But in last two years, according to recommendation of government, internet service provider, have tried to find out more new process with which site can be blocked. There is copyright in such a site if you download then, according to “copyright 1957”, the article will be applied in Indian penal code 63, 63-A, 65 and 65-A.

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