How To Find a Unique YouTube Channel Name?


Find a Unique YouTube Channel Name: Hi, Friends, Are you ready to create your own YouTube channel? In my previous video, I told you to decide your favorite topic for YouTube. I think you’ve decided your favorite topic. In this article, I’ll show you, How to Find a Unique YouTube Channel Name? So, to know about that all you need to do just read the full article from beginning to the end.

Find a Unique YouTube Channel Name with Domain Name Suggestion Tool

How To Find a Unique YouTube Channel Name?
How To Find a Unique YouTube Channel Name?

Ok, Now, You’ve to decide a channel name before you start creating the YouTube channel and upload the videos. You must remember that, if you want to change channel name in future then you may change it by another name.

But, channel user name, and channel URL – which is custom URL is not changeable. So, once you’ve generated the custom URL and the channel username for your channel, you could not change it in future.

I think everybody should keep the same channel name and channel’s custom URL. So, try to keep the channel name and the URL same from the first time. Because it will help you to do search engine optimization. Your channel will get a place in the search engine ranking. And people will trust your brand.

Now, I’ll tell you the process to find the best name for your YouTube Channel. Ok, First, you think about your topic and try to give a topic related name. The channel name should be within 1-3 words. I never recommend keeping more than 3 words in the channel name. Also, You must try to keep topic related keywords in the channel name.

If you are in confusion to find the best name for your channel, then you may use the “YouTube channel name generator” tool.

Go to and type your topic related keyword and find the best name. Now, let we try to create a channel. There are two types of YouTube channel. One is a brand channel for your brand or company and other is a personal channel with your name.

YouTube by default creates the channel with the account holder’s name. But, You must have to create the channel with your brand name.

Creating Gmail ID: So, for creating a new YouTube channel, you need a Gmail account or Google ID. I think everybody has a Gmail ID. If you don’t have, then you may create an ID.

Steps: Avatar Icon (At the top right corner) >> Now, click on the gear icon (YouTube Settings) >> Then click on the link below >> “See all my channels or create a new channel” >> Then, type your channel name and click on the create button.

If you still have any problem related to understanding properly then you may watch the video given below.


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