Top 5 URL Compress Online Website To Shorten Long Links


In Modern age one of the horrible problems is using long URL. Everyone is searching how to shorten their links. So that’s why URL’s are getting short day by day. URLSHORTNER WEBSITEEveryone like to describe things within 140 characters on Twitter or other websites by their video or website links. So some URL compressor sites come into the Idea. There are many online Web services, which let you compress your URL. You can use any of them. But here I am going to share mostly used by professional bloggers and also recommended to all of you Top best 5 such websites which you can use to shorten your long links or URL.


NOTE: Twitter now offers their own URL shortening service which is not open for public. Whenever you tweet anything on Twitter, it will be shorten using shortener. Infact, now many online services like Zite, Pulse offer their URL shortener. If you are a Blogger, you can use Yourls to create your own URL compressor site.

Here is The List of Best 3 URL Compressor Website:

In this post I’m giving the Other Link Shorten URL which will make your work handier.



It is one of the best and secure Url shortener websites. I have started with official Google Url Shortener service call This is useful when you need extra details like where your link is clicked, link referrals, browser and system details. Very useful but again, don’t use it to compress your spam links. You can use this service here.



This website offers detailed information regarding your compressed URLs. They also offer one Chrome extension, which will give your work comfortable. I recommend you to create an account on, as most of Twitter related Web services, license you to use URL service and your link will be reduced using their service. Check out

Note: One more thing you should know about this i.e it’s not recommended for Affiliate marketers to use



This is another mostly used URL shortener website by social media company Hootsuite. Learn about Hootsuite on our site. The tool is simple to use, as you can see in above screenshot, add your Long Url and click on Shrink to get a short URL.

4. EasyURL


I must say the Unique thing about this website and their service is that you can choose your new shorten URL between 4 different domain and use whichever you like. Above all, It’s Spam Free.

5. Yep That URl

yepthat url

The Most Interesting part about this URL is its name and it’s easy and quick to use.

So here are the few online web services which I can think of, but if you are aware of other services, do let me know via comments. Especially, if you are looking to protect your affiliate links using any of those websites, I suggest you bypass it, as all we know most of the time affiliate links are marked as spam. Only instead use Gocodes plugin in WordPress, which is free and easy to use. So you can go for it also. There are much more URL shortener sites available online, but I would recommend sticking to above three. If you use any other site, do let me know via comments.