What is the difference between KBps and kbps?


Difference between KBps and kbps: I know you are confused between those two words. I will try to clear your confusion.  Maximum people don’t know the difference between KBps and kbps. I think this post will help you to understand the difference between KBps or kbps.

Difference Between KBps and kbps

The full name of “KBps” is – Kilo Byte Per Second (KB/s).

The full name of “kbps” is – Kilo Bit Per Second (kbps).

difference between KBps and kbps

Maximum browsers, downloaders and FTP related software display the data transfer rate as KB/s. But the data transfer rate of the internet is calculated as kbps system. It means – the bandwidth of internet comes with “kbps” (Kilo Bit Per Second) system and the download speed shows as KB/s.

If we write 1kbps (Kilo Bit Per Second) as 1KBps 1kBps KB/s – then it is wrong.

We can write 1KBps (KiloByte Per Second) as 1KBps/ 1kBps KB/s.

When we purchase any data plan from any internet service provider, then they give us two things, one is bandwidth (i.e. 512 kbps) and other is data usage limitation (i.e. 5 GB or 10 GB).

If you purchase the above plan then your download speed will be 62.5 KBps (Bilo Byte Per Second).

List of All Important Notes That Clears What is the difference between KBps and kbps?

Internet connectivityDownload speed (approx)
256 kbps31.3 KBps
384 kbps46.9 KBps
512 kbps62.5 KBps
768 kbps93.8 KBps
1 Mbps ~ 1000kbps122.1 KBps


Conversion Calculator

bitbit0 or 1
1byteB8 bits
1kibibitKibit1024 bits
1kilobitkbit1000 bits
1kibibyte (binary)KiB1024 bytes
1kilobyte (decimal)kB1000 bytes
1megabitMbit1000 kilobits
1mebibyte (binary)MiB1024 kibibytes
1megabyte (decimal)MB1000 kilobytes
1gigabitGbit1000 megabits
1gibibyte (binary)GiB1024 mebibytes
1gigabyte (decimal)GB1000 megabytes
1terabitTbit1000 gigabits
1tebibyte (binary)TiB1024 gibibytes
1terabyte (decimal)TB1000 gigabytes
1petabitPbit1000 terabits
1pebibyte (binary)PiB1024 tebibytes
1petabyte (decimal)PB1000 terabytes
1exabitEbit1000 petabits
1exbibyte (binary)EiB1024 pebibytes
1exabyte (decimal)EB1000 petabytes


You can do it by using this formula:

Download Speed in KBPS = {(Kbps value*1000) /8)} / 1024


Download Speed = (Bandwidth / 8)

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Suppose, you have purchased 512 kbps plan, so our kbps value=512

Since, 1kb (kilobit) = 1000bit, therefore 512kb=512kb*1000bit=512000bit,


As 8bit=1byte, therefore 512000bit=512000bit/8=64000byte,

As 1024byte=1kilobyte, therefore 64000byte=64000byte/1024=62.5 KB

So, we will get 62.5 KB/s speed on 512 kbps connection.

In fact, we get a bit more, so they are not exploiting us. Maybe, we realize a little.

You can also multiply with the kbps value and 0.1220703125, then you will get the KB/s speed.

What is the difference between MBps and Mbps?

“MBps” stands for Megabytes Per Second

“Mbps” stands for Megabits Per Second

Note: “B” and “b” are different. i.e ‘B’ for “Byte” and ‘b’ for “bit”

Mbps” or “MBps” are used to measure the internet speed or data transmission speed across a device, such as a Hard Disk Drive. The speed is usually measured in terms of bit or byte per second. The speed can be measured in terms of bps, Kbps, Mbps or Gbps:

Kbps – Thousands of bits per second (1000 bits/sec)
Mbps – Millions of bits per second (1,000,000 bits/sec)
Gbps – Billions of bits per second (1,000,000,000 bits/sec)

Feel the speed – thank u for reading…. Please leave a comment if you don’t understand.

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