Computer & Internet Related Full Form


Computer of education. Today I’ll share with you a huge list of Computer & Internet Related abbreviations or Full Form. 100 + Most important Computer and Internet related terms for free. All the abbreviations are important. Please keep all these in your collection.

Computer & Internet Related Full Form

What is the full form of COMPUTER

What is the full form of COMPUTER?

Computer – Commonly Operated Machine Particularly Used for Technology Education and Research.



AGP– Accelerated Graphics Port

AMR– Adaptive Multi-Rate

API– Application Programming Interface

ASCII– American Standard Code for Information Interchange

ATA– Advanced Technology Attachment

BIOS– Basic Input Output System

CD– Compact Disc

CD-R– CD-Recordable

CD-ROM– CD Read-Only Memory

CD-RW– CD-Rewritable

CPU– Central Processing Unit

CRT– Cathode Ray Tube

CSE– Computer Science & Engineering

DAT– Digital Audio Tape

DB– Database

DDoS– Distributed Denial of Service

DIVX– Digital Video Express

DNS– Domain Name System

DoS– Denial of Service

DOS– Disk Operating System

DPI– Dots Per Inch

DVD– Digital Video Disc

DVD-R– DVD-Recordable

DVD-ROM– DVD-Read Only Memory

DVD-RW– DVD-Rewritable

FAQ– Frequently Asked Questions

FAT – File Allocation Table

GB– Giga Byte

GIF– Graphics Interchange Format

HDD– Hard Disk Drive

HDMI– High-Definition Multimedia Interface

HTML– Hypertext Markup Language

HTTP– Hypertext Transfer Protocol

ICP– Internet Cache Protocol

IP– Internet Protocol

ISP– Internet Service Provider

IT– Information Technology

J2EE– Java 2 Enterprise Edition

J2ME– Java 2 Micro Edition

J2SE– Java 2 Standard Edition

JPEG– Joint Photographic Experts Group

JRE– Java Runtime Environment

JS– JavaScript

KB– Kilo Byte

LAN– Local Area Network

LCD– Liquid Crystal Display

LED– Light Emitting Diode

LPI– Linux Professional Institute

LUG– Linux User Group

MAC – Media Access Control

MB– Mega Byte

MBps –  Megabytes Per Second

Mbps – Megabits Per Second (Don’t forget to check the difference between MBps and Mbps).

MD5– Message Digest 5

MODEM – MOdulator-DEModulator

MIDI– Musical Instrument Digital Interface

MP3 – Motion Pictures Experts Group Layer – 3

MPEG – Motion Pictures Experts Group

MS-DOS– Microsoft Disk Operating System

NTFS – New Technology File System

Open GL – Open Graphics Library

OS– Operating System

P2P– Peer-To-Peer

PCI– Peripheral Component Interconnect

PDA– Personal Digital Assistant

PDF – Portable Document Format

PERL– Practical Extraction and reporting language

PHP – PHP Hypertext Processor

PNG– Portable Network Graphics

PnP – Plug and Play

QVGA– Quarter Video Graphics Array

RAM– Random Access Memory

ROM– Read Only Memory

RTC – Real Time Clock

SATA– Serial ATA

SD– Secure Digital

SHA– Secure Hash Algorithm

SQL– Structured Query Language

SVGA– Super Video Graphics Array

TB– Tera Byte

TCP– Transmission Control Protocol

UAC– User Account Control

UI– User Interface

UNIX – Uniplexed Information and Computer System

UPS– Uninterruptible Power Supply

URL– Uniform Resource Locator

USB– Universal Serial Bus

UTC– Coordinated Universal Time

VGA – Video Graphics Array

Virus – Vital Information Resources Under Seize

VoIP– Voice over Internet Protocol

VPN- Virtual Private Network

WAN– Wide Area Network

WAP– Wireless Access Point

WiFi – Wireless Fidelity

WiMAX– Worldwide Interoperability for Microwave Access

WLAN– Wireless Local Area Network

WWW– World Wide Web

XML– Extensible Markup Language

XSS– Cross-Site Scripting

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