Utilize the powers of big data for business growth and prosperity


Today, the success of a business depends on how efficiently it can manage big data that holds significant leads about business development. The characteristics of data have changed vastly, not only because it has increased in volume at a stupendous rate but also because of its infinite variety. Data generates from every human action, and you can well imagine how much data results from it. Added to this is the high speed of data generation. When data is assimilated and analyzed correctly, it provides valuable insights for business and organizations be now heavily dependent on big data to drive their business more efficiently. The change in data requirements calls for advanced database management services that only DBA consultants can deliver.

Understanding big data

The qualitative and quantitative changes of data have ushered in a new era of managing complex and massive data sets referred as Big Data that no conventional software can handle. Advanced technologies have replaced the traditional concept of data management because the old system of the relational database management system (RDBS) is unable to cope up with the present demands of complex data streams. Today, you can seek the services of a DBA consultant in database management to extract more value from data than would have been possible earlier.

The Power Of Big Data
The Power Of Big Data

Hallmarks of big data

The volume of data generated indicates whether it belongs to the category of big data. If the data volume is in units higher than gigabytes (GB) like terabytes, petabytes, and exabytes or even zettabytes, then it is big data no doubt. Big data is heterogeneous in nature because it comprises of structured as well as unstructured data, with the latter being much more in volume and the rigid design of RDBS is incapable of handling it.  People expect that the vast volume of varied and complex data that is generated real time can be assimilated, processed and stored real time so that it adds value to the decision-making process.

Big data database

New technologies used for creating databases and managing big data are sometimes referred as big data. The new type of robust databases, known as NoSQL databases is different from the traditional RDBS databases in that it is flexible and does not depend on SQL query. The design of NoSQL databases considers the needs of business, and many different types of databases within the framework are available for specific requirements.  Big table, graph, key/value, document and time series are some common NoSQL databases.

Big Data
Big Data

Managing databases

The complexity of databases makes it imperative that you must seek professional help in managing it. Database Administration services are available from professional companies who can arrange to execute the work at the site or can even offer remote DBA services that have become quite popular.  Depending on the scale of operations, the level of service you need and the budget you have for it, you can determine which kind of database administration service will suit you.

Big data is immensely powerful and the better you can utilize the powers of big data; more will be your success in business.