How to Increase Data Transfer Rate of Your Pendrive


Yes, Increase Data Transfer Rate of Your Pendrive now… At that present time, many people are turning towards portable hard drive from pen drive. The hard disk is ahead from pen drive for speed and if you have to see the market price that is not much more than pen drive. However, a slow data transfer rate pen drive is becoming a little bit faster. Pen drive in some ways and today we are going to share all the ways with you.

How to Increase Data Transfer Rate of Your Pendrive


Increase Data Transfer Rate
Increase Data Transfer Rate

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Before increasing the data transferring rate it is essential to know the transferring rate of PC to pen drive and pen drive to PC. The transfer rate depends on three things.

File Type

You will notice that, to copy any music or video or word file it will take less time, but the same amount of files to transfer to your pen drive it has taken much more time.

Age of the pen drive

The human body as they get older tends to lose their efficiency, after so many years of use the pen drive performance can reduce the data transfer rates to be changed.

Different port versions of USB

Today USB 3.0 technology pen drive available on the market. For example, if you bought a USB 3.0 pen drive and it will be connected to your USB 2.0 version motherboard then you realized that you cannot get the same transfer speed as per written to your packet.

Now let’s come to the main topic, I tried promoting to you highlight to the base of the transfer rate of the pen drive. Yes, it’s right the three facts of the upper are original that cannot be controlled but you can follow the rules of this lower part, we expect that your pen drive performance should better.

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Select NTFS as the file system

First one is an NTFS file system is better than FAT32 system, and secondly, you cannot transfer more than 4 GB file in a single file without NTFS.

So you go to the pen drive properties and then select NTFS file system, if the “Quick format option” is select you must remove it.

How to Increase Data Transfer Rate of Your Pendrive

Check Disk Error

At first, you have to go to the “PROPERTIES” to your pen drive for check disk error. Then you go to the “TOOLS” tab and select the “Error checking” option and click check now option.

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How to Increase Data Transfer Rate of Your Pendrive

Change the device policy

At first, you go to the “PROPERTIES” then select the hardware tab. Then you select your device from hardware window and click on the “PROPERTIES BUTTON”.

How to Increase Data Transfer Rate of Your Pendrive

Then a new window will be open and click policy tab from it and the “better performance” option select OK and back out of the menu.

How to Increase Data Transfer Rate of Your Pendrive

So, if you follow my advice then your pen drive performance will be better than before.

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