Blood transfusion is not the optional matter, it is something more than the responsibility


Blood can’t be made artificially, only one man can save others man. But sadly, most of the people have died because the lack of needed blood at the time of urgent moment. At present, blood needs only 9 lakhs bag per year in Bangladesh. Rather men have died for the lack of blood till now in this crowd country. It is possible to fulfil the demand of blood very easily, if we can aware full-aged men of all the border about the importance and success of blood transfusion in our country.

Blood Donation is something more than the responsibility. 

Blood Donation

There can be nothing to get enjoy from bringing a dying person healthy among his family. Stay always beside a dying person in the emergency blood. Such time can come that you need blood very urgently. So for this we opened a group and a fan page in Facebook for connecting all. You are requested that to join in this group and like this page.

Blood Donate Facebook Fan Page

#1. Why will you give blood?


  1. The first and the main reason is, your donated blood will save one man’s life. What can be a bigger reason for blood donation than this!
  2. One day someone else will come ahead at the time of your danger or if necessary.
  3. There is less risk of heart disease and heart attack in blood donation regularly.
  4. You can know with free of cost that there is any big disease or not in your body through the blood donation willingly and regularly. Like: Hepatitis-B, Hepatitis-C, Syphilis, HIV (AIDS) etc.
  5. The immunity power of body increases so much.
  6. Blood donation is the very virtual work on the side of religion. There is the line 32 of Pure Koran, “It is the great work to save a man’s life like saving lives of all mankind.”
  7. You will feel self-satisfaction in you. I have made sure that in your mind this feeling will awake that “I did something in this our small extent lives”.

#2. Who will give to donate blood?

  1. Any people of a healthy body can donate blood within 18 years to 60 years.
  2. Healthy person by physically and mentally can donate blood.
  3. You must have your weight 50 kilograms or more than that.
  4. Blood can be donated in case of women interval of 4 months and in case of men interval of 3 months.
  5. A person has to stay normal the haemoglobin quantity, blood pressure and temperature of the body.
  6. Those who have respiratory disease like asthma, they can’t donate blood
  7. If there is no blood steered complex diseases like Malaria, Syphilis, Ganaria, hepatitis, Aids, skin disease, heart disease, diabetes, typhoid and rheumatic fever.
  8. You have to be free from skin disease.
  9. Those who are not pregnant and have not continued menstruation in the women.
  10. You have to be free definitely from Hepatitis-B, Hepatitis-C, Aids, cancer, Tuberculosis, Cijofrenia and malaria. But there are some diseases in which affected patients can donate blood after particular time. Like, affected people in typhoid can donate blood after 12 months and affected people in malaria can donate blood after 3 months.
  11.  If any special type of medicine is not used like antibiotic.

#3. Some Misconceptions:

  1. It doesn’t pain at all at the time of donating blood. Only hesitation has felt a little bit at the time of sticking pins.
  2. Heath will be bad after blood donation- this is a misconception. Actually, if blood is donated then there decreases the risk of heart disease and overmuch iron defenses in the body.
  3. Affected people with diabetes can’t donate blood-this is a misconception. If that person considered in the health exam, then that person can donate blood till that time, as much glucose level will stay in recognized borders in the body of that person.
  4. Blood can’t be donated for blood pressure-this is a misconception. At the time of blood donation, blood cab be given if blood pressure is between 180 systolic and 100 diastolic.
  5. After blood donation, you will not feel any type of hesitation or will not be senseless. There are many misconceptions in this matter in the many people.

Be happy…. Take care…. God bless you……

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