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Hi, friends welcome to Mission YouTube – in this tutorial, I’ve described what is YouTube Channel Art, how to create channel art, how to create channel art online for YouTube channel. But, if are looking for channel icon, then you read this article: how to create channel icon for youtube channel. So, first you know:

YouTube Channel Art Making Tutorial for New YouTubers

What is channel art? See the following picture then you will able to understand that what picture is above of the channel that is channel art. You know, Channel art also called as the cover photo.

YouTube Channel Art Making Tutorial for New YouTubers
YouTube Channel Art Making Tutorial for New YouTubers

How to design channel art?

New YouTubers – who don’t know photo editing with Photoshop, they can use online portals or online websites to design channel art without software. In this matter, you can follow the following sites which I have listed below. You may follow the video tutorial to make channel art. I’m saying to see the video because you will not be able to understand the matter of design by only reading the article. After this also I have tried to teach by writing in the below.

Create channel art online

Now let’s know about that how to edit without software?

Editing without software is called- editing in online. There are several websites through which you will able to edit in online by sitting. You can also edit there by uploading your picture if you want. Well, which thing you will edit in online, where will you get those websites? So…

You may use following sites to edit channel art online:

There are some rules of YouTube channel Art. It will not be done by uploading the only picture. You have to upload a picture by following rules. See the following picture then you will able to understand rules.

Channel Art Template
Channel Art Template

I hope you have read the writing of the picture. Yet I’m making you understand. Note: here that there have been mentioned about some sizes. One size is determined by them, so you can’t give below of that size is 2048×1152. And YouTube is saying itself a size that is-2560×1440. So you have understood that you will need to upload that size’s picture. Next is- how to edit pictures? It will be not done when you will upload the picture. Which design you will don in the picture that must be middle of the picture totally. It will not be done if it’s not in the middle. Then the picture will not show on the PC or mobile devices.

And the online editor is totally easy to use. You can edit beautifully if you want. But, if you want to edit the channel art with photo editing software, then you may follow the tutorial below.

YouTube Channel Art Making Tutorial with Photoshop (Offline)

I think you’ve understood the YouTube channel making. If you are unable to understand, then you may leave a comment. Thank you.

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