The Actual Expense of Building and Operating a WordPress Website


Building and managing a WordPress self-hosted site will cost you money. It is better to consider the cost of a domain name, domain hosting, designs, and everything else before begging your WordPress adventure. With a WordPress platform, you can blog freely without having to pay anything. However, the functionality and style of the firm are severely limited. In a case where you want to incorporate your business site to the WordPress platform, you are supposed to pay WordPress website Developers because there are many things you have to add to the website to enhance its functionality.

WordPress Website Cost
WordPress Website

Begin with a plan

Building a business website on the free WordPress platform depends on you and the features you need for your site. It is always good to have a specific plan that answers the basics questions. You will need to know the goal, target audience, and the ideal customer for your business. When planning, I, it is good to let know all the activities that will take place on your wp site care inclusive of content strategy, marketing, and many others.

Below is the list of the typical costs that you are likely to incur when building a WordPress website:

For beginners, you need a domain name.

  • Web hosting account where your business site lives
  • Developer’s fees
  • Generation of the content fees
  • Marketing costs
  • Education on WordPress platform
  • Maintenance services

Domain name

Your domain name refers to how your clients find you on the web; it is more of the business address in your digital shop. Ensure it is appropriate for your customers; it’s memorable and catchy all together. A typical .com domain goes for about $0-15 every year, which I consider a cheap site. You can also choose other websites for your area, but it is essential to know that the prices keep changing with different domain names. It is good always to check the hosting packages because some of them do not support HTTPS, which can be a big disappointment if you had already purchased it.

Selecting the right hosting for your WordPress platform is determined by the features or the level of performance that you require. It is because a small blog ill needs lesser servers’ resources than a multi-author that is serving a large number of people. Different hosting packages come along with various features at different prices. The two commonly known types of web hosting are shared and managed to host.

Managed WordPress website hosting

It specializes in WordPress websites optimized for huge traffic to cater to a more comprehensive business platform. It focuses on WordPress, meaning it has a high level of security, power, and exceptional support. The managed hosting cost varies depending on each host and its features. Typically, its prices range from $20-30 per month.

The shared hosting

If you are a beginner starting a personal blog and may want test waters, the shared hosting is about $5 for each month and solves all your issues. Its features are limited since you get less power, and you are prone to security issues.

Design and functionality

If you want an outstanding WordPress website in the competitive market and make money for your business, here are the domain options you should consider:

· Hire a professional web developer who will build your site from scratch with all the required plug-ins and the in-built functionalities

· Purchase a premium WordPress themes and plug-ins

 On both cases, you will spend money as highlighted below:

Custom web designing

Creating a custom website has both advantages and disadvantages. It will offer a fast loading speeding, which is essential for the business platform. It can only be made by a developer who knows his work perfectly. The prices of the customs design vary depending on many factors. It is because one may want a site that has in-built plug-ins or apps or themes, and their pricing is varied. Hence, making custom web designs ranges from $3000 to $ 60000, depending on how you want your site to look.

Premium WordPress website themes

 The premium themes come in all shapes, colors, and other related aspects. That is why many website owners choose the premium way instead of the usual themes in WordPress. The premium themes cost from $2 upwards, depending on what you want. Always remember the higher the cost, the more prominent themes.

Search engine optimization

To tune up your site posts for the search engine ranking, you will need to optimize your website to attract your ideal audience. It can be done in diverse ways, including getting the premium plug-ins and other SEO tips that improve website services. For this to be achieved, it requires money.

Content creation

Creating good content for your site on a regular schedule is not an easy thing, so at some point, you can get the writer to do it for you definitely, it is not for free but for a payment depending on the agreement between you and the writer. The cost is mostly paid, depending on the complexity of the tasks. It is because they have to use their resource in doing further research. Excellent post can cost $50 to $80.

Cost of your time

Whether you get professionals to work for you or do it yourself, running a WordPress website takes a lot of time. Let say you are employed somewhere, but you leave the work to run the site. You can do the calculations of what you would have earned. Besides, time is money.


The WordPress platform is an open-source project that is 100 percent free. However, creating and managing a professional or business WordPress site comes at a cost. It is because you will not only use your time but also spend money to build a successful website using the WordPress platform. It is all worth it because it is for the benefit of your business, and besides offering you an adventure you never had in the past.

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