Tricks to Bypass Online Survey 2018 Bypass Website Surveys


Tricks to Bypass Online Survey 2018: Hi guys Want to bypass online surveys? BYPASS OR REMOVE SURVEYS, CONTENT LOCKER METHODS. The online survey is the world’s boring method to fulfill the conditions. And the maximum people are unable to bypass it.

Tricks to Bypass Online Survey 2018: Bypass Website Surveys

Method 1:

Go to

online survey bypass

and enter the URL of the website that’s asking the site survey. Now you have the options to download it.

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Method 2:

Disable Javascript on Web-Browsers

Disabling Javascript on Web-Browsers will make surveys never appear:

In Google Chrome:

  1. Click on Settings On the top right of Google Chrome.
  2. Click Options.
  3. Scroll down, and Click Advanced System Settings
  4. Click on Content Settings to show options of Google Chrome web page content.
  5. Under the Javascript section, check the box: Do not allow any site to run Javascript. allow java script
  6. Now just go to the website that asks for surveys and you’ll bypass them.

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Method 3:

  1. When you are prompted to take a survey, Right Click the title and Click Inspect Element.
  2. Now keep pressing Delete button to delete scripts on Inspect Element tab, until Complete a Survey disappears.
  3. After the bar disappears, keep deleting until the Page goes lighter (whiten) with no dark area.delete node
  4. Done! Now you’ll see your full content or download on Fileice.

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Method 4:

Open the website, which has survey page.

Press (CTRL+SHIFT+J) jointly from your keyboard to open the JavaScript Console. javascript console

Java Script Console

javascript:(function(){"[url][/url]";var rs=function(){var q=function(min,max){return Math.floor(Math.random()*(max-min+1))+min};var n=[];for(var r=0;r<q(9,19);r++){n.push(String.fromCharCode(q(97,122)))}return n.join("")};var xc=[];var timers=["Timeout","Interval"];for(var i=0;i<timers.length;i++){(function(){var x=window["set"+timers[i]]("null",1);eval("delete clear"+timers[i]);eval("delete set"+timers[i]);if(window["clear"+timers[i]]==undefined){if(typeof ar=="undefined"){var ar=document.createElement("iframe");"none";document.body.appendChild(ar)}window["clear"+timers[i]]=ar.contentWindow["clear"+timers[i]];window["set"+timers[i]]=ar.contentWindow["set"+timers[i]]}for(var j=x;j>0&&x-j<99999;j--){window["clear"+timers[i]](j)}})();(function(){var op=rs();xc.push(op);window[op]=window["set"+timers[i]];window["set"+timers[i]]=function(){};for(var j in window){try{if(typeof window[j]=="function"){if(xc.indexOf(j)==-1){if((window[j]+"").indexOf("function set"+timers[i]+"() {")!=-1){window[j]=function(){}}"}"}}}catch(e){}}})()}window[xc[0]](function(){window["set"+timers[0]]=window[xc[0]];window["set"+timers[1]]=window[xc[1]];var xjz={version:"3.1",domain:"",key:"B5597894cf27e3"};var scTO=window.setTimeout(function(){window.alert("It appears that the server could not be reached. Please try to use the bookmarklet again later!\n"+xjz.domain+"\n\nIf there is a problem with the site, you can check for the latest information on the Facebook page:\n")},10000);var a=document.createElement("script");a.type="text/javascript";a.src=xjz.domain.replace("//","//public.")+"remover/version/latest/?injection="+xjz.version+"&key="+xjz.key;a.onload=function(){window.clearTimeout(scTO)};window.document.getElementsByTagName("head")[0].appendChild(a)},110)})();

Now hit the enter key and access your website without a survey.

How to Bypass Online Survey 2018 Bypass Website Surveys

Thank you.

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