How to disable USB Port? Block Pen drive


Hello friends, today I’ll not discuss any software. I’ll give you a tip to disable USB Ports on your computer. We, maximum people, use software to disable USB (Universal Serial Bus) port of our computer. This trick will work any version of Windows (Windows XP / Windows 7 / Windows 8 / Windows 8.1, Windows 10+).

How to disable USB Port? (Block Pen drive)

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disable USB PORT

Let follow me to disable USB PORTs of your computer:

Step – 1: At first Right Click on Computer / My Computer Icon then go to “Manage”

Step – 2 Click on “Device Manager” – then expand “Universal Serial Bus Controller” – then you will see the list of USB ports. Just right click on your target port and select disable.

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Watch the video tutorial to block Block Pen drive

Final Words:

Hopefully, you enjoy this tutorial on How to disable USB Port? Block Pen drive. If you still having any quarries do not forget to tell me through our comments section. Thanks for reading.

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