There are 6 sensational information related to Google earth. Do you know that?


There are such things about this “Hand five”, which can’t be imagined quickly. There is the pair of Google earth to understand the world. PC, Laptop, Mobile when and where men get benefits, Google earth is ready to be used like that. If you press app, then the whole world is in your hand. But there are such things about this “hand five”, which can’t be imagined quickly.

6 Strange facts about Google earth.


#1. Its real name is “earth viewer”. An organization, named Keyhole incorporated had made this, which was partly sponsored by CIA.


#2. There is drawn hugely of Star of David on the roof of the biggest airport of Iran. There is this sign at the time of making airport’s house i.e. From 30 years. But first Google earth brings the attention this thing.

#3. Bahrain government had forbidden Google earth for only this reasons, through this, the king’s glory had published so much of that country. Because, beside palace poor men of the Shia religion had been shown hugely.

#4. Using only Google earth famous archaeologist Angela Michal had discovered some missing pyramid of Mysore.


#5. A city named West Lancashire Argelet of Britain is seen through Google earth. There is no existence of this city in real.


#6. Using “historic imagery” of Google earth, it is seen the terrorist attack of 9/11.

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