Now, you can fully Block Spam messages in Gmail.



“Spam” is entered in your Gmail address?

Is Inbox being fill with unwanted mails? For this, I do not find necessary mails. The unnecessary mails gather in my mail box.

How to  Block Spam messages in Gmail?

You irritated a lot in previous time, you have nothing to do it. You do not have any weapon. Now, we can resist the spam messages. We can block the “unnecessary mails.” You can block or un-scribe the addresses of the “spam, unnecessary mails, web” which comes from that address.

Those whose have a Gmail account, from next week you also get it from Android. The news has given in to the blog spot. Mr. Harsh Solanki, Gmail product manager, said that we subscribed “newsletter” before, but, now we are not reading it, you can easily block those mails in the new technology. In this month June, Google has brought a new option. After sending any mail, if you make any mistakes, then within 30 seconds you can undo it. As a result, the wrong mail will not send. In the world, al least, 90 crore people are using Gmail.