Do you know Google saves your search history?


Maximum users like to search with Google. I also like this search giant. Sometime we search our personal query on Google. After that, we delete all the search histories from the browser. Do you think you are safe now?  Now are not safe still now, Google has stored your search query.

How to Delete Google Search History?

delete google search history

You will never able to delete search history by deleting search history from browser. You have to delete Google search history from your account. I know you are clever, but Google is much more clever than you. Let you follow me to delete Google search histories.

Find out, what have you searched for? Want to see your search history? Visit

After visiting on, login to your Google account.

You will see the search history.

Now click on “Gear/Setting” icon, then click on “Remove Items”, then select “Remove items from: the beginning of time” and click on “Remove Button”.

delete search history


remove google search history

Thank you…

Watch the video tutorial.

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