Some Funny Tips about Google Search Engine


Hi, How are you? I am Fine. Today, I am bringing another new topic. The name of the topic is: Some Funny Tips about Google Search Engine. 

By using of mobile phones, so many people aware of Google. Google has so many advantages. If you search anything on Google then Google shows so many websites. You don’t need to know about websites.


But, what is it profit?

You consume time and consume valuable megabyte. My point is that, Google does not solve any computer related problems; Google also solves our personal problems.  If the 476 is multiplied by 273 then, what is its value?  Do not have your calculator? Don’t worry. Google solves it. Just type in the Google search box:  476*273 and press Enter Key.  Then, you will see that Google shows you an answer and also bring a calculator in front of you.  You can also use this calculator for tough calculations.

Do you not able to remember any correct meaning of the word? Don’t worry.

Just type the desired word in Google search box, then, Google shows the meaning of that particular word.

Do you know that what are the best action movies in 2015? No problem.

Just type “The best action movies in 2015” in Google search box, then, Google shows your desired answers.

Do you feel hottie or feel cold? Do you know the temperature?

Don’t worry. Just type the temperature of your living place [Ex: Today the temperature of Kolkata], then Google shows the temperature of your living place.

Is it very funny? Isn’t it?

Do you face any Facebook problem? Do you want to send any love letter or want to send any bicker letter?

Write: “postal address of Mark Zuckerberg” in Google search box. Then Google shows your desired answer. Send the letters to him at Facebook’s headquarters:
1 Hacker Way, Menlo Park, CA 94025.

Internet Service:

The provider frequently wants to know the IP address of your computer. Where do you find? You don’t know it. Just type: “the IP address of my computer”, then, Google shows your IP address. For example:

After waking up from bed, you have forgotten that where are you? You type your location in Google search box, e.g: “my location”, then Google shows your location. (P.S: it depends on the static IP location).

Are you searching the synonym of the word “Appreciate”?

Just type “synonyms appreciate” then, Google shows your answer.

Suppose, you wish to eat chicken. Are you feeling tensed? Don’t worry.

Just type in the Google search box: the recipe of Chicken. Then Google shows so many links to watch the varieties of recipes of chicken. 

Thanking You, Guys!!!