How you will get Google Map without the Internet?


There is no alternative to recognize way in the era of smartphones. That’s why if a man goes to wander to country or foreign, almost everyone takes help of this technology. But if you go to wander anywhere where an internet connection is not working or you can’t able to buy mobile data for lack of sufficient balance.

Do you know How you will get Google Map without the Internet?


Keep in mind that type of situation, Google has the benefit of an offline map. That is, if you lost yourself in any deep jungle or if you go to ride car into any strange way, then google map will give directions without internet.

But for that you have to download first a map of any particular place, which place you have gone to travel. There is no need to connect internet, once you download it. Google itself will inform you your location and journey instructions.

But keep in mind one thing. Don’t think, you will get all benefits of Google map if you download it. Like the direction of walking, transit, cycling or traffic update-these types of benefits you will not get from downloaded Google map. In this feature you will get only driving instruction. But there is no problem if you don’t drive, anyway google will be informing you road show and journey instruction.

Remember it, sometime downloaded map can be expired, because Google always try to show perfect map. They update map through Satellite regularly. That’s why, if the date is expired then you have to update the map again and yes the problem is solved.

How you will download off line map:

  1. At first download app of Google map from play store on your Android or iPhone. But of course sign in that from your Google account.
  2. Search by entering the name, you want map of which place.
  3. Go to the bottom of the screen and find out your searched name. Press that bar.
  4. Now press download option.
  5. Then Google will want to know the map in front of you for a match, you want to download or not the map of that place. Again press download option to make sure. 


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