PUBG-By following these 5 tips, You can Increase the Chances of Win a Chicken Dinner


All the players play well on the game, however they unable to earn Chicken Dinner because they ignore Some important points. Top Five Tips To Win On PUBG Mobile Game Play With Chicken Dinner

I think every people know about PUBG Mobile game. This game is popular in almost every gaming platform. Whether PC or mobile, this game is very popular in every platform. You can play this Battel Royal Video Game Alone and also with friends. The game does not have much more difficult rules to play this game and win. The player needs only to take care of practice and some things. Often players play well on the game, but they are unable to make Chicken Dinner because of ignoring some important points.

So we are going to give you some tips If you follow this Five tips then you able to increase your Kills and even increase the chances of your Chicken Dinner.

5 tips for increasing the chances of winning a chicken dinner

5 tips for increasing the chances of winning a chicken dinner
Top Five Tips To Win On PUBG Mobile Game


PUBG offers more costume options for players inside the game. Some of them are free and also buy some premium costume. There are many types of costumes and accessories available in the Game like hats, caps, shirts, T-shirts, jackets, paint, jeans, shoes, boots. Most of these are also very colorful costumes. Some players think that they will look very well by wearing them. But, they forget that such costume players do not help to hide on the game. Due to colorful or shiny costumes, the player can be seen from an enemy the huge distance. Therefore, the player should try to using the normal dresses which helps you to quickly hides in the Forest or desert.

Choose the firing mode perfectly

If you play PUBG, you must know that auto-mode is a great option for shooting in the close range in the game, but if you fire on the auto mode on the huge distant range, then there is a maximum chance that Your target can easily escape. Because Guns have recoiled in auto mode. Because of the recoil, The gun does not remain steady while firing and does not reach the target directly. In this case, you should always keep changing the fire rate of your gun by examining the range of shooting. Use auto mode for nearby shooting and use single mode for Huge distance.

When you running opponent player detect your location

In this game, you can easily find out the second player using running sound. We will advise you, Play Games as much comfort and as low as minimum noise so that enemy cannot detect your location or movements. Firstly set your target and fire.

Do not use the car on the last minute of the game

It is a good thing to get in the circle by driving in PUBG. But, If you use the car all the time then face many problems. This happens when you are at the last stop of the game, and all the remaining players stay hidden inside the circle. If you take a car, then everyone gets the news of your arrival and, enemy detects your location.

Keep patience for taking Dropbox

All you know about Dropbox Most players in the game run away behind this box. The reason for this is the best weapons found in the Dropbox. Any team that first receives this dropbox that team becomes the target of the other teams. In this case, our advice to you is that you should always stand a little away from the dropbox and first target the other team. When you feel that your way is clear after that receive the dropbox. If you are with the team, then one player from the team should always go to the box and the rest team should support the cover of that single player.

By following these tips, you can increase the chances of your chicken dinner.

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