The 11 Most Important SEO Techniques And Strategies You Need To Know For 2016


How are you? I hope all of you are fine. I’m also fine for your blessings. Today I will share with you “The 11 Most Important SEO Techniques And Strategies For 2016“. SEO is a technique. The search engine is updated daily, so if marketers want to go with it, then they have to increase their skill. According to report 70% of users click comes from SEO by searching link! Or 61% less is the cost of inbound leads (SEO) than outbound leads (advertisement).

11 Advanced SEO Techniques and Strategies for 2016.


Now you have understood SEO is the key of success, where 11 strategies are given which you have to know definitely at 2016.

#1. Create an incredible link which link will achieve:

After everything change with search engine, the biggest impact of search engine is in the inbound SEO link. On the other hand, the process of achieving link has been changed. It is not possible with the help of the only SEO to get link from standard relevant website. With this referral traffic will need which will increase more sales and the introduction of the brand.

Making incredible content which men will want to share that is the main way of link profit still now.

#2. Co-citation link:

Each time a search engine gets your website after your opponent. To get Co-Citation link search, search on your site’s subject with “best” or “top 10”. Like: If you search top 10 blue widget, but you don’t get your business in result, then contact with the publisher and tell your company to contact in the list, why and where your company will be connected, ready for that. Give them gist to go with any link.

#3. Editorial link:

Editorial links are very strong for your SEO, because these come at the base of your site’s subject from other publication by mentioning your company. They can come also from leadership guest post, which you write and publish in another third party. The easiest way of getting an editorial link is making such all advanced content which others will share with their readers. Another way is guest posting in the form of high quality on your site’s subject. Ready to make incredible content because vote will be checked before publishing in the hard way. The interview is another process of getting editorial link.

#4. Broken link building process:

Here is another white hat link building process which is very effective. Here actually you have helped publishers to make broken link, which will be a helper for their readers. Here it will work when your content will be stronger than missing content. For this work you have to find out such broken link of any site which is compatible with the subject of your site. Then you will recommend by contacting about your broken link with a webmaster that your site is the alternative of this broken link. To know more read broken link-building Bible from Moz blog.

#5. Link Reclamation:

It will help you to get fresh link by finding out broken links and it will make to solve with the publisher. Like: Find out mentioning brand about your site and tell to publisher to add a link. Find out such a place where your content has been used without attribution and request link to that person. Activate Google Alert to make it automatic, when your company will mention of informing by email. After this you can check and see that have they given link to your site or not.

#6. Link Out rich:

It is almost like “old school” but still now it is very strong. To do it find out such website which is relevant with your website and collect information of contact with them from their site. Call them or tell to link politely by sending email. If your business wound be some different than their business by doing this work but same readers can be shared.

#7. Analyzing competitors:

This is nothing new. Companies have researched about their competitor’s website for many years. Reviewing manually backlink of a more competitor’s website keeping all that link is very valuable. Then you can out rich link and also you can try to get links from the same site.

#8. Giving attention in ROI instead of keyword ranking:

Though we all enjoy the result of keyword in search result ranking, it does not prove with it that your SEO has been succeeded. It is possible for many keywords and in spite of not staying ROI going to number one. You have to pay attention in that matrix which brings conversation.

#9. Make an SEO technique which will map listener:

Over the last few years, we have lost most of keywords from Google analytics and other tools. For this it is very necessary that coming out of the old system of SEO and finding out new process for attracting listeners. Neighbouring marketers in new process and finding out where our marketing is succeed with SEO and how to make it better. Many days ago the day of keeping in one rank has finished of keyword crowding in useless content. Now it is necessary for your content that targeting persons and keyword has to be relevant with content. For this it is called content and SEO is tied with each other.

#10. Search engines like Yahoo, Bing and optimized Yahoo, Bing and DuckDuckGo can take big pieces of Google by taking less pieces. Yahoo is the default search engine of Firefox, Safari deals with Google, which is thought that will be finished in 2016. And Yahoo and Bing have wanted that here for becoming default search engine. As other search engines have defaulted instead of Google, so it would be wise able work of optimizing all that for search engine.

#11. SEO technique mobile has become more popular per year, in 2016 or after this each website mobile has to be different technique definitely. Mobile has to be lion, part of the SEO plan of 2016. But you have to be careful as 68% traffic are lost for configuration.

Conclusion: Making SEO technique can develop your company and brand in search engine, why you are not improving your ROI today?

Thank you for reading this article. I hope this tune will work for you. If there is any mistake, then forgive me. If you face any problem, then don’t forget to comment. If you think the article is beneficial then obviously share it.

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