Some Primary Conditions of On Page SEO


There is a no substitution of ON Page SEO to bring rank of any site. Some useful tips to keep you in front foot in this way. Today, I will discuss this topic with you. This easily brings you an effective result.

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on page seo

#1 Keyword: You use keywords in some important places. For example: title, first paragraph. You must keep the page title in between 65 characters. If you use keywords in the title, then you get your desired results.


#2 Title: Use a good title. Visitors easily get understand after reading it and also understand it that there are some special materials in this content. You must your title unique. Then you get very good result.

#3 Meta Description: The visitors do not read the Meta description, but the meta description is very important for the search engine. You just finish your Meta description in between one or two sentences. Please use desired keywords in between Meta description.  You highlight the subject in short, in the meta description area.

#4 Tag:  You must be careful when you use the tag. You use h2 or h3 tag as a subheading. For same page, you use h1 tag for the one time. You don’t highlight the h1 tag by using again and again. As a result, it creates a negative mind. You use the keyword in the H1 tag.

#5 Image ALT Tag:  The image draws the attention of everyone. You use ALT tags in the images. As a result, search crawler will easily identify your image.

#6 Perfect Mapping: You make XML Site Map to get correct and good result. It gives the search crawler a big advantage and easily index the page and posts of your site. Keeping the users’ facility in mind you can create the HTML sitemap.

#7 The Uses of Keyword: For optimizing any site keyword is an essential subject. You use keyword in anchor text along with the normal text. For SEO it is an effective process.

#8 Unique Content: There is a no substitution of the unique content for getting the desire result. Good quality content will give you 80 percent of the SEO. It is well known. So do not say too much about it. In English, there is a proverb: “Content is King“.

#9 Keyword Density: A good quality of content consists of 400 words, it will be far better if the content will consist of 100+ words. Do not use too much spam keyword. You must keep the density of the keyword in between 1% to 2%. It will be the best if you can keep it in between 1.8%. You don’t keep unnecessary keyword density.

#10 Page Speed: You must keep watch about the page loading time or page speed. If the page loading time is more than the bounce rate will be increased.

website speed test

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