What is permalink? And why permalink is important for SEO?


How are you? I hope all of you are fine. I’m also fine for your blessings. Today I will share with you “what is a permalink and why it’s important for SEO?”.

What is permalink?

When we visit post of any site, then in our browser’s address bar some part of post title shows with main site’s address, mainly this is permalink.

How To Make Your Permalinks SEO Friendly In WordPress?

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Why permalink is important for SEO?

Google mainly takes some keywords from first para of the post and post title at the time indexing a post and showing that in search result.

When someone searches any subject in Google then result is shown on keyword density. Generally there is excess of search targeted keyword in our post title.


May times post title becomes big in our blog, then which makes auto permalink for blogger post, in that some keyword is left. As a keyword of the post title is very important in Google search result, so we will want that every keyword of our post title shows in permalink. In case of this, we make auto permalink for every post, in that our search result will get better.

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How to make permalink for a blog post?

At first, copy your blog post title in notepad, suppose your post title is like that

The Jungle Book Full Movie Download For Free

You have to make a “small letter” of first letter of each word of post title for making permalink of this post title.

Then add each word with (-) sign. Like that way….


There will be no space anywhere.

Now going to your blogger new post create a page, after finishing post and going to right sidebar select a permalink tab from “post settings” option. Then mark Custom Permalink tab. Then paste made permalink in a custom permalink box and click in “done” button. Work is done of making your custom permalink.

Anchor text:

In one word, if you click in one writing, then you will be able to go to another page. And such keyword/title should be given in this anchor text that all visitors and search engine can understand that, if someone click on this link, then will go to another page, what type of content/article is there on that page.

For example, here is something written with the help of Anchor text.

Previous page and other is next page in its visitors and search engine will understand easily what is the meaning of it. And here if you click in for more, on this type of writing if you set anchor text then also visitors can’t understand and search engine also can’t that what is in the next page. The main thing is if you work in this process, then any type of SEO is not friendly. Like that before keeping match keyword +Content, with that if you do anchor text then everybody will understand. The search engine will also understand. In this process if you do SEO then it becomes a friend. As a result this site is broadcasted quickly.

In spite of this with the help of anchor text, do follow link building, do follow back linking are made, like do follow blog comment, forum post, forum signature are done etc. How to do do-follow blog comment, forum post, forum signature, and backing, I will show you that in the other SEO tutorial.

See this video to make your permalinks SEO friendly in WordPress.

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