What is link building? Strategies for Quality Link Building


I’m not a great master. But, daily I love to spend time with lovable thing. I try to learn SEO from there.

SEO = (good writing + good back link + good social media) than opponent.

Do you know what is link building?


I like very much the skyscraper-technique of link building of Brian Dean. Come, let’s try to know about what is the skyscraper-technique and how does he work?

Most of the online marketer thinks that, if you have a good article then you have everything. The logic is behind this, if I have good article then men just will add me in the link.

This matter is like Apple’s product. Man try to always if he would have Apple’s product. The reason behind of attracting so much of men for Apple’s product is the quality of the product is better than the opponent.

Apple Products

But, do you think, doesn’t Apple give any advertisement? Apple uses advertisement certainly for increasing sell when they bring new products in the market. Here you can compare your new article with new upcoming product in the blog.

If you want to make link of good quality, then you have to do definitely a plan of good quality for writing articles and its promotion. If you don’t go according to plan of good quality, then it is the possibility of a chance of going together your time + money, disappointment will come to you. If you don’t need to fall in this disappointment, you can use the skyscraper-technique of Brian Dean. This plan will you give guarantee almost that each of your published articles will make good.

Let’s know Strategies for Quality Link Building.

Three principles of the skyscraper-technique is:

  1. Find out the best article from keyword.
  2. Now write a good article from that article.
  3. Now go to work on your writing promotion.

Now you can think, what is the certainty that this skyscraper-technique will work? Your question is rational.

The main weapon of this principle is your article is better than your opponent.

When you search in Google then you have such main aim that, finding out the best solution, Google has also main aim that, showing you the best good article.

If you have a better article than the opponent, then Google will not do cheapness for you to make good rank.

Now come, let’s see the steps of the skyscraper-technique:

#1. The best Article:

I have seen many Bengali tutorials on SEO. I like the videos of IT house of brother Kader. Now if anyone ask me that he wants to learn SEO, whose video will be better to see, I say about the tutorial of IT house.

Here I’m linking, and videos of brother Kader are linking article. Which is called in English “Proven Linkable Assets”.

Now think you have tried to make a video tutorial on SEO. Then your first work will be in the market, which videos have been sold well, see that videos before and make a better video than that. And if you can’t do that, then why will men buy your video by spending money?

Now thing is, which keyword you have chosen, which is the best content for that? You can use AHREFS for finding out this good article.

Here backlink and referring domain have been given of each article, you will understand easily, what is the reason of staying in good position of any article for a long time?

In spite of this, which websites are doing well on Niche market, you can find out top pages of each site.

Which article is how much discussed in social media, for finding out this, you can use BUZZSUMO.

I don’t have any experience about BUZZSUMO. But, AHREFS is awesome. But it needs money to use AHREFS. My master Robert Numen had made an account for learning.

But the solution for you is, search direct by keyword in Google, Google will tell you which articles are in the best list.

#2. To do something better:

Now you have a list of the best content. Now your work is, writing a good article than that article.

Suppose, you have written an article in Bengali on SEO tips. Found out and saw there are 20 tips which is discussed in the best article. Now your work is, which subjects have been discussed in the article, making a good article by adding something new to that subject.

When I start to learn first, that time I used to think how the Google Algorithm sets order of an article by examining which variables, It would be better if I would get one list of that. Then I get a list of Brian Dean. Then I wrote myself a classified version of that, which is totally based on my own concept. The plan is like that of making a better article than the opponent.

Your article must be longer, have a good design and data must be updated than your opponent’s article.

#3. Find out just correct people:

Now your work is, finding out correct people who actually have been found your article. Now your work is, saying to link others your article. Everybody says, but you will say differently than others.

First, find out the best sites on Niche. They are interested about your article writing. It has linked your opponent’s article within it. Now saying to him just that your article is awesome.

Now where will you get these sites? Go direct to AHREFS, where your opponent has linked, send mail to owner of each site. 

Suppose, you got 100 websites. Now, your work is, sending mail to all. Now if 10 persons agree to link your article then all will be good.

Suppose, there are 10 articles and 10 backlinks of each article on the website. Total referring domain is 100. Here number of links can be less, but all is examined 100% of BSTI in quality.

Google knows very well that, how to give value of good linking.

Last word is, now it is your turn how will you use this?

Are you ready?

I hope, you will get good results.

Don’t forget to comment definitely. If you have any advice or question then you can comment.

Let your online life be happy.

Good luck.

Thank you all….

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